WTF occurred to the Monkey Capital ICO? The ICO was supposed to begin on August eighth, however has since been cancelled. Jeremy breaks down what may need occurred to the challenge, and who finally dropped the ball on the Monkey Capital ICO. With

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  1. I am a Monkey Capital Investor.The ICO was cancelled because of the issues we were facing with Waves.Secondly, I've already received dividends payment in the form of Coeval as well as Bitcoin. Also, we just bought out Zurcoin and we are now building our own blockchain based on Zurcoin platform.

  2. "Decentralized Hedge Fund."

    The CEO said himself that those are just catch phrases.

    Space X contracts. Hostile takeovers.

    This is definitely a Decentralized Scam Fund.

  3. None of this is true (Darshan never even held COE, for a start – nor made money off COE in any way; neither did I); but it is actually a very intelligent analysis / (interpretation/fabrication?) of events. Enjoyable!

  4. So Monkey coins were dumped at 10's of millions, even 100M at a time on the market at the best bids. It was a fire sale of hundreds of millions. Big red flag. Daniel hires programmer associated to One Coin scam. Red flag. Hopefully horrible amateur mistake right. Daniel calls himself editor in chief at coinspeaker dot com but is only someone with a log-in to post, according to the site's owner. His linkedin still shows editor in chief. Just b/c you say it doesnt make it true Daniel. And that is where your integrity comes more into question. (on the article Daniel Harrison explains he is self appointed in name only by himself as editor in chief… what does that mean?). Today it says Independent Author. Okay. That is odd?

    There is no history of any verifiable successes of yours, your twitter has limited history too. Just a lot of quotes from some years ago. If you were an editor in chief, where is all your public info.. all your work? I found limited amount but I dont have time to or interest to prove something you need to. Share with us all you history.. not much out there wouldnt you say? What about Motley Fool.. and elsewhere, where is all of your public info? Your personal website is offline so not sure what is going on there and all I hear now is there is another coin.

    Always another coin. A synthetic hybrid blah blah blah. Give us some facts, some real concrete evidence of deals, of progress and then we can start to build some real trust. Otherwise I think this is a joke. Prove otherwise Daniel. I wanted to believe for the few days I was sold some pipe dreams, but it didn't take long to lose my faith. Right now, at best, this is amateur hour.

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