On this episode of Ask an Skilled, Taylor explains what Hierarchical Deterministic (or HD for brief) wallets are and the way they work. He’ll cowl what HD wallets, in the event you want one and what a seed phrase is.

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  1. Nice video. Really liked the Q&A method, but the overall feel was too choppy and in short bursts. It'd have been more helpful if you'd explained a bit more in depth on each of the points.

  2. please help. I can find my segwit address and private key with bip39… but I exported public keys to a site for escrow multisig and all the keys start with a 1 (legacy). My 24 word recovery phrase isnt populating this specific address. is there a setting I am missing? I am so lost and have bitcoin I cant claim now sitting idle in escrow. I am using a ledger nano s

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