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Will REP become obsolete?

Will REP become obsolete
Will REP become obsolete

So after studying a bit to weblog posts on

I am undecided what would be the level of holding REP after the cutoff.

[First post](https://www.augur.net/blog/v1-cutoff/) made it made it clear (kind of) , REP holders will not be affected by it

*”This danger applies to merchants, market creators, and reporters interacting with markets that expire after the cutoff.* ***REP holders generally will not be immediately affected by this.****”*
A little bit of an obscure language however okay (why saying”generally” simply say “REP holder will not be affected by this”)

On [second post](https://www.augur.net/blog/augur-v2/) they are saying buying and selling will likely be made utilizing a stablecoin (DAI)

*” We’re excited to fulfill the only greatest request we’ve obtained since our preliminary launch: enable for buying and selling with a stablecoin. V1 Augur makes use of ETH for all buying and selling. Whereas it is a pure slot in some ways for a decentralized platform working on Ethereum, ETH is extremely risky. Introducing stablecoin denomination will make buying and selling much less risky and extra accessible.*

*For V1, the utilization of ETH was completed through the use of a contract (“Money”) that wrapped ETH and was given extra belief by the Augur contracts to take privileged transfers. The V2 contracts will nonetheless reference “Money,” which is able to as an alternative level to an ERC20 Token with no extensions. At launch time, this will likely be set to the Multi-Collateral DAI token.”*

What I do not get is what would be the utilization of REP? Will it develop into out of date token?

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