Excerpt from [Katherine Schwab’s article about Google’s reCaptcha v3](https://www.fastcompany.com/90369697/googles-new-recaptcha-has-a-dark-side):

> To make this risk-score system work precisely, web site directors are purported to embed reCaptcha v3 code on all the pages of their web site, not simply on varieties or log-in pages. Then, reCaptcha learns over time how their web site’s customers usually act, serving to the machine studying algorithm underlying it to generate extra correct threat scores.

A potential takeaway is that with reCaptcha v3, Google is transferring past distinguishing human from machine, to distinguishing a bona-fide consumer from a looter’s confederate.

Courageous browser can also watch how real customers behave on complete web sites. This might permit the Courageous Advert Community to feed real customers and starve exploiters.

The advantage of Courageous’s browser-based tactic is that the consumer habits stays on the consumer’s machine as an alternative of being shared to the community.

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