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  1. Hey Tijo,
    Love the analytical content. Not a fan of the cussing. I understand that saying f this and gd that, is part of expressing your passion. I accept that and you the way you are.
    I want to be honest with you as you are with your audience.
    Much appreciated.

  2. hey bro,, you ould improve the audio of your vids! Gettin´ hard to listen to you compared to other youtubers it is really low!
    hope have helped you to get more value off of yours.

  3. First comment from me. Learning daily from your videos. Stock trader since internet stock days. Your TA with bitcoin is what I appreciate. YouTube will evolve back when the pendulum swings. It always does. Stay true and on path. You are on the right path and I appreciate it. Profit often.

  4. You can blame YouTube all you want. But maybe it has something to do with telling us to sell the bottom
    Specifically litecoin. Many trusted you. That's a huge loss you helped us achieve. So maybe it reflects to your viewers. Because I always get notified about your videos. YouTube doesn't miss a beat for all my subscribers.

  5. Might have to do with the herd… when we see another strong run we will see the herd again.
    Until then keep it up!
    A like button and a few extra keys smashed is least I can do.
    Signing up on your site now. Can't be in the den yet as i'm strapped for cash. Every dollar I threw into our mission.
    Keep it up bro bro!
    <3 Bryan

  6. I feel your pain on the diminished views …. Google did this to my company with its medic update last year that crushed all of our organic traffic. It sucks …you work so hard to reach people and then to see them be able to just crush all your work in a moment for no apparent reason is really awful. It should not be legal.

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