This part will clarify the structure of DAppChain.

As above image exhibits, DAppChain incorporates four primary components:

  • MainChain Gateway contract, present asset mapping, asset deposit to side-chain and asset withdraw from side-chain functionalities on main-chain.
  • A number of oracle relay nodes, present cross-chain transaction validation, mapping/deposit/withdraw transaction broadcast capabilities.
  • SideChain Gateway contract, present asset administration on side-chain.
  • SideChain, perform primarily based on main-chain, however custom-made a couple of mechanism to suit side-chain mannequin

2.1 Overview

Facet-chain is the important thing a part of DAppChain challenge. The chain produces a block each three seconds utilizing DPoS mechanism. The chain itself assure side-chain transaction consensus and ensure cross chain transaction together with a number of oracle relay nodes.

2.2 Consensus

Similar as main-chain, side-chain makes use of the DPoS consensus for block producer election. A number of witnesses govern side-chain ecosystem collectively. Witnesses play roles as side-chain transaction validators. So long as 2/three of the witnesses affirm transactions in a block, the transactions are accepted by the system.

2.three Accessible Proposals

2.four Facet-chain particular options:

Fund: present reward pool for witness. A reward pool for group authorities. A part of the revenue of side-chain shall be inject into the pool. This can obtain a stability between witness reward and chain proprietor reward.

FundInject: A side-chain system contract interface for reward pool fund injection. It opens for anybody who wish to donate TRX to side-chain ecosystem. Nevertheless, solely founder handle can get chain reward, the reset shall be regard as witness reward.

Mine perform: a brand new precompile solidity perform to mine TRX which deposited from main-chain. It is rather just like a coin base perform.

MineToken perform: a brand new precompile solidity perform to mine TRC10 token which deposited from man chain. Similar as mine perform above.

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