On October ninth night, Bytom Founder Chang Jia, Bytom CEO Lang Yu and Bytom CTO James Zhu answered nearly 100 questions on Bytom’s present state of affairs and roadmap in ChainNode’s AMA. Listed here are some highlights from the AMA.

  1. What’s Bytom’s detailed improvement plan?

Chang Jia:

Bytom has a systemic periodical plan:

2017-2018, Growth of Bytom mainnet and associated ecosystem

2018-2019, Growth of Sidechain Vapor and gateway Federation

2019-2020, Growth of mainchain-sidechain Baas Platform — Bystack, Decentered Cross-Chain Gateway (OFMF) and Worth Alternate Engine Magnetic Contract

In abstract, mainnet, sidechain and crosschain are three key phrases for 3 phases.

Bytom mainnet’s main utility state of affairs is asset issuing and mapping(ICO, IEO and STO). Nevertheless, this isn’t the present focus because of the robust compliance concern however will probably be potential. Bytom’s sidechain goals to cope with asset transactions and superior monetary eventualities based mostly on good contracts (equivalent to transaction, switch, staking, steady cash, lending, futures and different decentralized finance) and that is our precedence now. Bytom doesn’t give attention to tokenizing underlying property as a result of current mainstream digital property on different blockchains might be related to Bytom’s sidechain which realizes transactions in buying and selling. Magnetic contract and SWAP protocol clear up the issue of liquidity and permit customers to expertise buying and selling akin to centralized exchanges by means of the pockets. Lively buying and selling on blockchain in flip makes on-chain oracle potential and on-chain verifiable oracles( buying and selling value) lays the inspiration for all finance(lending, steady cash and Bancor protocol). Prior to now, all of these are based mostly on centralized third-party oracle, which makes promising Defi fragile as a result of all may break down if there’s something unsuitable with the centralized third-party. On-chain oracle permits Defi to change into an actual closed loop. It’s very disruptive to construct a non-cheating and verifiable credit score analysis system based mostly on coindays destroyed using buying and selling information of difficult monetary operations.

2.Within the MOV protocol whitepaper, the open gateway OFMF appears a vital design, might you please clarify it intimately?

Lang Yu:

OFMF refers to Open Federation Administration Framework, which is a fundamental cross-chain unit. These days all realized cross-chain expertise shouldn’t be 100 p.c atomic crosschain or trustless crosschain. OFMF solves these issues and achieves decentralized property administration, clear rights and duties and self-saving on doomsday by designing personal key administration rules, on-chain contract HTLC(Hash Time-Locked Contract) and threshold signature expertise.

3. What can Bytom do for widespread folks and what widespread folks can do for Bytom?

Chang Jia:

It is a good query.

It’s not simple to grasp the benefit of BUTXO and that buying and selling is transactions. Let me put it in another way, in case you are a blockchain consumer, you should have a pockets managed by your personal key. This pockets helps crosschain in order that it not solely helps the pockets’s native asset — Bytom — but in addition different mainstream tokens like BTC、ETH、EOS、USDT. When you’ve got BTC within the pockets and wish to change for BTM, it’s important to join on exchanges like Huobi and OK up to now. However now you solely have to sort the quantity of BTC that you simply wish to change after which pockets will present a value based on API of on-line oracle, you possibly can enter a brand new quantity of BTC that you simply wish to change and launch it. After one second, the buying and selling will probably be completed. In impact it’s a transaction as a result of whenever you launch your order there are numerous different orders and magnetic contract will discover one other order that matches your order and combine your orders right into a transaction.

There are two capabilities of magnetic contract. One is balancing unfold. For instance, if you wish to use 1 BTC to change for 10000 BTM and one other particular person’s order is utilizing 10001 BTM to change for 1 BTC, after which magnet contract will routinely match the 2 orders and provides 1 BTM to consensus nodes, which implies that nodes get the unfold. The opposite is balancing a number of property, additionally known as loop transaction in some protocols. If particular person 1 needs to change for B with A, particular person 2 needs to change for C with B, particular person Three needs to change for A with C, then magnet contract will routinely match these orders into one transaction. The loop transaction is the important concept of BUTXO.

However magnet contract may can’t get buying and selling completed instantly as it is advisable to anticipate orders that may match. In that case, you need to use one other worth change protocol to do on the spot buying and selling equivalent to Byswap. Possibly you used uniswap earlier than and know that it makes use of algorithm to search out the worth routinely. Byswap is completely different from it as a result of Byswap helps a number of property. In uniswap, you possibly can solely change one asset for one asset however in Byswap you possibly can change a number of property for a number of property due to BUTXO matrix. For instance, in case you have many various tokens in small quantity, you possibly can package deal these various tokens and onchain oracle will give a value matrix in an effort to change all of the tokens for one more token or change many tokens for a number of different tokens. Consequently, conventional change fee will probably be disrupted. The eventualities we mentioned listed here are solely the tip of the DeFi iceberg. The benefit of BUTXO is coping with a number of property. Beforehand, dozens of interactive good contracts should be used to cope with a number of property which is just too difficult. If these good contracts are based mostly on BUTXO, will probably be a lot simpler.

4.When will Bytom launch cross-chain purposes? Is crosschain safe and environment friendly? Might you alter personal key to six-digit password just like financial institution playing cards in order that it’s simple to recollect. Now MIX has used six-digit password to guard property. How does Bytom see Trusted Computing?When will Bytom launch killer property purposes?

Chang Jia:

As we deliberate, crosschain will probably be open for check after the blockchain convention in Wuzhen. Our consensus nodes are based mostly on DPoS consensus algorithm and might obtain 10000 TPS that meet DEX’s calls for. Federation nodes are based mostly on multi- signature and threshold signature in order that the expertise will probably be identical as withdraw in exchanges. Personal key’s a special idea with password and a six-digit password shouldn’t be safe. Afterall the pockets shouldn’t be like a financial institution card and there’s no centralized third-party that will help you freeze account or discover misplaced property. Earlier than the top of this 12 months, MOV will play a job in DeFi.

5.How will Bytom’s ecosystem be constructed quick?

Chang Jia:

Decreasing the price of buying and selling property is the ultimate purpose of blockchain for use as worth change protocol. So all public blockchains that regard decreasing buying and selling price as enterprise logic will profit ecosystem contributors. In Bytom’s financial mannequin, federation nodes, consensus nodes, DeFi protocol and DAPP builders can all get nice revenue. In line with the island rule, they most likely change into big corporations or DAO.

6. What’s the way forward for Chinese language public blockchain tasks?

Lang Yu:

Public blockchains shouldn’t be categorized into Chinese language tasks and abroad tasks and we must always contemplate the way forward for all public blockchains. We expect that public blockchains’ future lies in finance and property. We insist on tokenization though the progress may be very sluggish on this space.

7.How Bytom differentiates from Ant Blockchain, Baidu and Libra? What’s your edge in expertise?

Chang Jia:

We now have completely different positioning. We by no means contemplate them as rivals however comrades on completely different tracks.

Lang Yu:

Ant, Baidu and Libra are consortium blockchains however Bytom is a public blockchain. They’re on completely different tracks and truly public blockchains face extra technical difficulties. We don’t fear about competitors.

8. Is it potential to destroy a part of the revenue from buying and selling charges in MOV, like 20%? In that case, BTM could have the next worth and extra folks will come to Bytom to do buying and selling?


Magnet contracts’ revenue from buying and selling charges will probably be given to tremendous nodes and they’re going to distribute to voters. If neighborhood has a requirement to destroy 20% they usually can vote for tremendous nodes which promise to do this.

9.After Bytom purple packet integrates with MOV, is it potential that A sends 0.1 BTC to B and B will get 2 ETH and 10 BTM?


Sure, really that’s the case the place purple packet contract and magnet contract are used for one buying and selling. After MOV is launched, updating the purple packet DAPP will notice that.

10.When will Bycoin help the crosschain of tokens issued on Bytom? When will it help the crosschain of native tokens of different blockchains?


Bycoin pockets can help the crosschain of tokens issued on Bytom to the sidechain on condition that the asset is taken into account as worthwhile by neighborhood. Supporting native tokens of different blockchains will probably be realized quickly after we launch the open gateway this 12 months.

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