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  1. Worth noting on the Canadian chart, it’s Showing what could be a 4hr inverted head and shoulder pattern… Maybe forming the right shoulder tomorrow… Anyone else out there feel they see the same?

  2. Always talk about possibility of going lower but never looking at the signs that could make us actually go higher… which leads to everyone just expecting it to go lower, as indirectly these videos have a lot of reach on sentiment. We're just going to forever go down then..?

  3. Good luck with the fleas Dan. If you are doing sanctuary work a good investment if you don't already have one is a vapor steam cleaner, can sanitize easily. A good commercial one is about $1500 bucks but worth every penny for bedbugs, ringworm and the like. We battled ringworm with our cats a few years back and it was a helpful tool along with buckets of 10% bleach solution.

  4. That long red daily candle stick for Apha today could be a signal of a bearish trend coming. The long green candle stick last Friday topped out at the top line of the Bollinger band. I would like to see a head and shoulders pattern play out. That might mean the mj sector will finally turn. But if it doesn't form that second shoulder. Than I think what that means is there's not enough bullish support. I really doubt it goes back up tomorrow. You never know but that's not usually the trend. That long red candle stick at the top like that usually signals a bearish trend in mj. What the bulls need right now is some good fake news. Just like the short sellers have been putting out their bad fake news for months now.

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