Leaning right into a thesis I’ve had concerning the inventory markets and the s&p 500 value leaping into new all time highs. When wi the sport be over, when does inflation meet up with the typical particular person?



  1. Some middle class people are starting to feel it but they think that because last time it got solved and they were ok that it will all get solved again and there is nothing really to worry about.

  2. i was literally thinking to myself earlier today that I haven't seen anything from arcanebear for a minute and i thought you quit your channel or youtube took me off of following you. great input and good to see and hear you. peace

  3. How wonderful to see and hear you again. I was beginning to worry. I check your channel every day. You continue to be wiser than your years and always give us food for thought. No need for apologies, we all know you are doing wonderful things. Your heart is as far reaching as your wisdom. If you ever decide you would like a third grandma, I will adopt you. ๐Ÿ™‚ You are a gem! A word of encouragement for the future….People like you, those who feel the pain of others, will often meet disappointments throughout their journey, but in the end your life would have been one meaning and whatever pain, suffering or challenges you alleviated in others…they will all be your reward. ๐Ÿ™‚

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