Bitcoin value and different cryptos like altcoins dropped as we speak considerably not too long ago however that’s primarily as a result of irrational fears available in the market attributable to faux information. Let me know your ideas within the feedback.

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  1. I see a channel and trapped in between some heavy resistance and a few historic support lines. I just see it bouncing in the channel for a while and ranging. Quite possibly months but it’s not bad at all

  2. Bitcoin recent price dump shouldn’t dissuade you because it’s all a repeated process and it’s because of bitcoin halving. In the previous bull run there was a similar halving before the bull run, the price dump is all a result of manipulation so investors can sell out of FOMO because from all ramification and indications the upcoming bull run will see bitcoin surpass it’s all time high price. What investors should be doing now is accumulating and increasing their position while waiting on the bull run. Trading is the best options for accumulating because it gives you an edge, if trades are performed correctly and with the right set of skills you make profit irrespective of any market trend. That’s what prompted me to get acquainted with Caleb Easterby an expert trader who gives trading signals and strategies. His signals are efficient, accurate, easy to implement in your trades, I grew my portfolio from 2 btc to 8 btc in just a month while using his signals to trade. Caleb can be contacted on Telegram @Easterby and WhatsApp (+31) 635250332 surely he will help you get started strong.

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