It has been endlessly since we did a stay stream, let’s have a look at if it nonetheless works! We’re gonna spend an hour with you this night so prepare for an extended stay stream!

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  1. Remember to leave your thoughts and comments down below, heck just let the video play in the back ground mute, but let it play all the way through! We need to get our stats back up with youtube! haha

  2. Cornwall UK, enjoy your energy and enjoy listening to your experiences, we too have done ayahuasca end of 2015, best and worst thing ever-needed it to energetically drill holes through the solid black pelvic area so that then slowly since then with our own self practises, seizures end of oct 2016 on the scorpio new moon (which rules the pelvic area) which happend the day after the night before, so the dark moon, (our personal moon cycle as we were born on a dark moon) when we shaved our head (as we had to cut it off due to it been a matted ball). it had to come off due to physical health issues which were worsening and didn't like short hair and remembered had said would never have courage to be brave and have a bald head, so we decided to gain some courage lol. the seizures left us regressed at all ages very young and personalties bringing to our awareness that we had DID (disociative identity disorder the old multiple personality ) IT is a genius coping mechanism of childhood trauma and the physiological make up of the body, eye colour etc. can change depending which alter is out. IT's been a massive growing learning and mainly learning and understanding the language of energy and the subconscious but wanted to share as THE AYAUASCA helped us gain this awareness so we could continue on our healing journey to live with peace inside not chaos and suicide. WE are doing lots better still cannot leave house until we are stronger and healthier, it's been since seizures so 3 years but thats not long away. wanted to say that like you said it is definietly not for everyone and that the peeps that do it need to be aware it will take you to your own fears and demons and travelling through our physical, mental and emotional pain is the only way throught to the love and light, how painful and challenging this is depends on our belief systems and how hard we are on ourselves, so always treat with the upmost respect along with yourself and be gentle with yourself. we too noticed the many egos coming away and intense enegy when shaving hair off and since learnt it is a pwoerful stripping away of unserving energies. sorry strted rambling, love your style and way and let your x find her way in her time and im sure you;ll be friends again like your other exes, sit in your meditations on why you have the feelings that her actions are causing in you as its never about the other always just our own internal conflicts that our subcoonsciouse gets the external experience to happen to make us aware of these so to transform. we love long hair but you got sexier with the hair cut. 14 years of gone aye…. 1=new beginnings 4=perservearnce 5 (1+4) = change you needed a big energetic change it feels. we'll stop now (hence why we talk in the plural and this is short for us lol). stay keeping it transparent and authentic with integrity (3 traits we like to think we hold and respect highly so recognise). <3

  3. not only is being grateful great and for what you said but its also a free, no side effects anti depressant as its neurology and the simple act of seaching for something to be grateful for – you can have the darkest life going and not be able to find anything but this does not matter – as we said searching for… produces seretonin in the brain. Be grateful for the dark more than the light as this is our true teacher.

  4. Great video! Merry Christmas! I would love to hear more about Raven, when you get the chance. I agree with your sentiment towards YouTube’s policies -YouTube has been good to me 😉

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