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  1. Side-effects of sugar kill 300,000 people annually in the US alone while creating over 1 million "long term injuries".

    Ironically society's illogical and reckless endorsing & enabling of our children to engage in a preposterous tradition of begging neighbors for products that are certain to cause decay, inflammation, disease, and death is condoned by our government and instead those in power have determined the best approach (under the guise of protecting our children) begins with undermining our forefathers unprecedented sacrifices and ignoring a constitutional right that they believed so incredibly pertinent for our nation that they actually wrote it first….

    If our government has the audacity to demonstrate its ability to defy and deny the constitutionality of what our forefathers considered the most imperative natural right of all constitutional rights, continuing down the list and eliminating all of them will soon follow.

    This is abhorent and unacceptable, unfortunaetly another civil war seems to be eminent.

    Those who believe forfeiting their rights somehow increases our nations security are naive and ignorant of our country's history as well as the world's history.

    The blood of tyrants and patriots will flow down the streets of every major city throughout the United States if they choose to prohibit religions, freedom of speech, peacefully assembling, unbiased press publications, or petitioning them for redress of grievances.

    We only look back periodically to remember, but, we will never stop moving and our steps will always be forward.

  2. Being the good shepherd is never easy, and you are a shepherd. Your vibe is a good frequency and dont stop brother. Stay strong and Invision balance. Thank you.

  3. Where are the freaking parents? That is such bullshit! There heads are up their behind. They just throw an electronic device in front of their face because they are selfish as hell with their time. This generation is pathetic!

  4. "Hi Tijo! Merry Christmas!" A thought: If 1,000 people watch a video like this and only 1/10 have enough autonomy and energy to "like" the video, it means that the people are far too 'tired' to manage things for themselves. Not enough adults left and we will have to accept the idiocracy they have put in place to properly harvest our productivity and lay us (one by one) in our graves at their liesure… Tacit Approval is enough for them and when everyone is paralyzed by FEAR (the Chief weapon of our Prison keeper), it accomplishes their Goal. Those that continue to 'approve' with their silence and paralyzation will help maintain the cowardly Fate of the masses. (Rhetorical)

  5. The answer seems simple to me, why don't youtube just run youtube +18. People would have to prove their age to view content. I mean how many under 18 year olds actually watch crypto related content anyway?

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