Right this moment’s video critiques uber inventory worth evaluation & prediction for 2020.
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  1. Son, you are over thinking this stock. It is real simple. Uber has been loosing money every quarter. Uber looses money despite their drivers can barely get by. Uber has a big target on their back. Many cities, states and countries are trying to heavily regulate Uber, and their are already legislators calling for legislation to reign down on the gig economy parade. Mark Cuban said it best. Their something seriously wrong with Uber. He went on to say their is something seriously wrong with a company that has been in business for ten years and has yet to show a profit. There is something seriously wrong with a company that has to use investor money to subsidize rides. Uber and Lyft thought they could crush the taxi cab companies. But the taxi companies managed to keep their heads above the water. Now it is time to collect. One of the posters mentioned the Uber CEO is a good guy. I say absolutely wrong. I am already hearing predictions that Dara, Uber Ceo, will be gone by the end of the year. You are not looking at the big picture. Does the company makes sense. Never mind their is brutal competition from Lyft(USA), Bolt(Europe), Didi(Asia). Quit looking at your stupid graphs. Look at the business as a whole then come back and do your analysis.

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