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Hello Lympo Community,. We strongly believe that 2020 is going… | by Lympo

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Hello Lympo Community,

We strongly believe that 2020 is going to be a breakthrough year for Lympo. Just recently, we have announced the exciting news that Lympo will dedicate 10% of monthly profit to purchasing LYM tokens from the market. You may read more about it here.

What are Lympo utility shares?

Nearly two years ago we introduced tokenized Lympo utility shares, which represent benefits for all registered and eligible LYM token contributors who hold upwards 10k LYM’s.

The benefits are divided into three tiers, in relation to the size of LYM ownership:
Bronze (10k-100k LYM),
Silver (100–500k LYM),
Gold (500k-1 million LYM).

The vision of Lympo utility shares

  • Within the end of 2018 and 2019, Lympo utility shareholders already received more than 8 million LYM’s of the giveaway.
  • As a symbol of our friendship, all Gold members received a gift, Lympo medal.
  • To encourage LYM token contributors to become more active Lympo app users and live a healthier lifestyle, we have launched Lympo app to all eligible Lympo utility shareholders worldwide.
  • You have walked and ran more than 1 million miles, finished more than 21000 healthy lifestyle challenges and collected over 300 000 LYM’s in just half a year, congrats!

In the future, as Lympo company grows, and more clients and partners join us, we will unlock even more benefits! Our vision is to incentivize Lympo utility shareholders towards a healthier lifestyle, and encourage them to become early adopters of Lympo platform. We will distribute benefits accordingly to LYMUS ownership, a tier you belong to, and in-app activity.

Giveaway and other benefits

Last time we have distributed 20% of tokenized Lympo utility shares, we have decided to add 20% more to all existing and newly registered Lympo utility shareholders! This 20% will be distributed during the round, which will take place at the end of February 2020.

On top of that, if you are LYMUS holder already, you will receive LYM tokens to your in-app wallet, so you can purchase products you love from the in-app marketplace! We will transfer LYM’s by the end of January 2020.

  • All Bronze members will have 1.5x the amount you made in 2019!
  • All Silver members will have 3x the amount you made in 2019!
  • All Gold members will have 7x the amount you made in 2019!

e.g. If you’re a Gold member and have 10k LYM’s earned in 2019, you’ll have70k LYM’s after the giveaway.

You can also transfer tokens out to Samsung Blockchain wallet, you will find more details here.

Please note that at least 50% of tokens used to make a purchase have come from the completed challenges on your Lympo account.

What should you know and how to register?

We have been frequently asked if we are planning to open a new registration. The time has come, we will distribute 20% of tokenized Lympo utility shares to all existing and newly registered Lympo utility shareholders! As we want new LYM token contributors to become even more involved, we will also launch access to Lympo app.

  • You have to hold upwards of 10000 LYM’s. The tier system remains the same.
  • The maximum amount from which we will calculate distribution is 1 million LYM’s.
  • Perform a KYC and app registration until February 14th, 2020.
  • Hold all of your LYM’s in the wallet address you have provided during the registration.
  • The utility shares will be distributed in proportion to the ownership of LYM’s and based on stakes.
  • Each new eligible holder will receive a part of 20% of the total utility shares supply. This 20% will be distributed during the round, which will take place at the end of February 2020.
  • The snapshot to log the LYM amounts in the registered wallets will be taken on February 14th, 00 UTC.
  • To keep benefits, you are not able to pull LYM’s from the wallet.
  • The timing for the next benefits remains the same as previously. We will inform you of more details in the upcoming June of 2020.

Lympo continues to be an innovator in the health and wellbeing sector, and we are excited about the promising times ahead.

We wish you well and stay active,

Lympo team!

Follow us on Twitter and Lympo.com/blog

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