On this fast video, we’re going over what Tezos is and likewise many the reason why Tezos (XTZ) is perhaps primed for big potential in 2020 and past ?

What are your ideas on Tezos (XTZ), are you invested? Let me know within the remark part under ????

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  1. Feb 2020 – Tezos is a huge potential.. It has this and this and this and everybody is talking about it

    Jul 2021 – Bitcoin is King! Everything else are shit coins, unproven promises.. Undervaluing compared to BTC

  2. To all Tezos moon Boys.. If you are not actively trading, and don't know what you are doing, and most likely you don't, do yourself a favor and have at least 60% of you portfolio long term bitcoin… Probably should even more around 80%

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