On this video we analyze the present state of the inventory market by means of a assessment of the S&P 500, SPY, IWN, QQQ, XLF, XBI, VIX, Oil and gold.

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  1. That was pretty mind blowing watching gold hit 1600 and keep going. Saw litecoin going at the same time. I'll wait for a big pull back before jumping back in but that was a very fun day. Ty for the info. It helps.

  2. Getting used to my new broker i lost today..
    Was using limit orders instead of market ones and no stop loss. Only mental stops
    Twas a bad idea i couldnt exit fast enough for spce it was so fast moving
    I was up 250 dollars most of the morning then gave it all back and some on spce -600 lol
    Try again tomorrow

  3. Hi Dan I need a core 3 to 5 regular stocks, I already have a few core choices for MJ and Crypto. I would really appreciate your input. Thank you and thanks for all you do. I have watched almost all of your videos for past year and a half. Also I loved when you made it rain plant seeds and flashing your foil grills ???

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