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Why sporting a N95 masks saves lives….. or at the least your repute!

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A rant about masks.
Mass Maskings:
Purchase a masks:

Because the unfold of coronavirus illness 2019 (COVID-19) exterior China is accelerating, we urge coverage makers to rethink the function of masking.
The non-specific signs on the early phases of COVID-19 and the absence of clear transmission hyperlinks have defied typical containment technique by case isolation and phone quarantine.1 To this point, solely obligatory social distancing, coupled with mass masking, seems to achieve success, at the least quickly, in China. Nevertheless, whether or not such an method is sustainable within the Chinese language financial system or enforceable in different social methods is uncertain.
WHO recommends in opposition to sporting masks in neighborhood settings due to lack of proof.2 Nevertheless, the absence of proof of effectiveness shouldn’t be equated to proof of ineffectiveness, particularly when dealing with a novel scenario with restricted different choices. It has lengthy been advisable that for respiratory infections like influenza, affected sufferers ought to put on masks to restrict droplet unfold. If everybody places on a masks in public locations, it will assist to take away stigmatization that has hitherto discouraged masking of symptomatic sufferers in lots of locations.three Moreover, transmission from asymptomatic contaminated people has been documented for COVID-19, and viral load is especially excessive at early illness stage.4, 5 Masking, as a public well being intervention, would most likely intercept the transmission hyperlink and stop these apparently wholesome infectious sources.
A worldwide scarcity of disposable surgical masks is an actual and increasing downside. So-called mass masks panic has occurred irrespective of recommendation from public well being authorities. Panic shopping for of masks in Hong Kong has gone unresolved for greater than 30 days, and an identical scenario appears to be creating in Italy. Individuals put on masks to guard themselves in shut person-to-person contacts, however unintentionally, they’re defending one another by supply management. Disposable surgical masks and their technical specs had been designed particularly for the safety of health-care employees throughout occupational exposures. Fabric masks had been utilized by surgeons efficiently throughout operations earlier than disposable masks had been out there. In actual life, most individuals in all significantly affected areas are reusing their disposable masks. All governments should put together to deal with the possible mass panic and discover different sustainable alternate options to the disposable masks for efficient supply management in neighborhood settings.
With the approaching pandemic, well being authorities must resolve quickly whether or not they need to undertake mass masking in their very own localities and make advance preparations to keep away from confusion and chaos within the anticipated challenges forward.
We declare no competing pursuits.


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  1. If Your Mask Doesn't Fit Your Un – Natural Shaped Face…They Do Very Little To Protect You
    That's why they are Not Suggested as Acceptable when you are Spraying Paints and Other Chemicals
    Removing Asbestos…ETC…
    Mines Alot Cooler then yours…It has Carbon Filters On IT
    And Looks Great with My Darth Vader Helmet…Come to the Dark Side ;')

  2. Are they incompetent or evil.. How will they explain in the future to the hand full of people that trusted them that they should now wear a mask to stop the spread of this virus? They will probably tell us the vaccine is safe after little or no testing too

  3. Good video, I wish more people in the west would share your opinion on this. If everyone wore masks this pandemic would not spread as rapidly. I guess it would have to become mandatory.

  4. If you use those masks on a construction site you end up breathing in stuff still

    We wear much better silicone masks to keep out small particles like vapours

    Your point is takin and maybe it would decrease transmission a bit but it’s reall y basic in terms of protection.

    Pop to a paint store or Home Depot and grab a real mask if you want to be even more considerate ??

  5. Do you know why CDC and US government officials said it's not recommended ? The ugly truth is – The US government simply is in a chronic shortage of face masks right now because the US government didn't restrict face masks selling out to China people. The vast majority of face masks supplies in North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand are all sold out to China people so basically US citizens cannot buy face masks in US. Even if u can find a face mask, the price has increased triple times. The US government just doesn't want to admit to US citizens that there's a chronic shortage of face mask supplies available for US citizens. The US government just doesn't want to admit failure to provide enough face masks for every US citizens for coronavirus prevention. The Canadian prime minister's wife is infected already because she didn't wear face mask to protect herself. The US government officials are definitely lying to US citizens because US government doesn't want this ugly truth to leak out. There's just simply NOT enough face masks to provide for everyone in the United States and that's the US government's fault for not having face masks restrictions selling out to China people. Citizens of Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, Canada cannot buy face masks in their local communities because China people have bought them all already. Taiwan government is smart enough to abstain from selling its face masks to the rest of the world to ensure everyone in Taiwan can buy and have enough face masks (Hence, a low infected toll in Taiwan). Lots of people cannot buy face masks to protect themselves against this coronavirus so they DIY face mask. At least, a certain degree of prevention measures taken is better than (no prevention ) not doing anything at all. The best prevention is to avoid social or family relative gatherings, no meals/no dining gatherings, no travelling abroad (because u might get infected on the plane by the person who sits next to u), stay home as much as possible. I am staying home my entire time because I can't find face masks to buy anywhere.

  6. The China government is the sponsor (the financial provider) for World Health Organization now, so WHO is a big fan and supporter of the China government, and only listens to the China government. Thus, the World Health Organization sources are biased and lack of accuracy because WHO's information is basically rooted in China now. At present, Taiwan and Hong Kong citizens NEVER believe what WHO said because it's bias and it has lost its accurate information now.

    But then again, anyone can still choose to believe WHO's biased information, after all the choice is yours.

  7. Your video is full of wisdom and long-term thinking.

    I always wear face mask during flu season and this prevents me from catching the flu. Because there are lots of people who are sick coughing sneezing talking in public, and refuse to wear masks, so it's up to me to wear a mask then. This helps me not to get sick, saves me tons of money from medicine and seeing doctors….a box of 50 face mask is so cheap before the coronavirus outbreak, just 8 US dollars back then. If you buy a dozen, that would be 4 US dollars per box and have the expiry of 3-5 years. Personally I see wearing face masks in public is such a positive healthy considerate behavior. Certainly it is stigma to wear masks in public in the west countries (it's not socially acceptable in the west culture )but why is that? I wonder what's the history origin of such stigma…..

    I will share your video with more people because this needs a new positive change in the view of wearing masks in public.

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