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  1. I haven't traded options in a few years, and I hope I'm remembering methodology right (please correct me if its "wrong" for some reason) but I saw an opportunity Thursday morning, so I simulated a one contract play on paper by purchasing a Spy put a few minutes after the open: Here's a review:
    Purchase one options contract (100 shares) SPY: Price was 305 at purchase, got $3 out of the money puts

    The first lot (50%) was sold a few hours after purchase on Thursday morning for an overall (small) profit from the Trade: Sold 305 strike price $3 out of the money puts the moment it hit 302 and sold half the contract as they were now "on the money 302 puts" and more valuable. Booked a small profit.

    The rest is ALL profit: 25% sold one hour before the Close on Friday afternoon @293 {$9/share($900 per contract) and the last 25% sells for 297.50 ($4.50/share{$450/contract}) at the close…

    All automatic- set it up and took a nap…
    25 X $9 + 25 X $4.50 = $337.50

    If I had only bought ONE $3 out of the money Put SPY Contract ( for pennies), and with the very same execution, I would have made more than $337.50!

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