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  1. This is why I’ve always loved Dan’s videos. Dan- you’ve got a great mind and seem like a well-grounded cool dude. Thanks for teaching me so much and opening my eyes to the stock market game.

  2. Very well said. To many people with NDD (nature deficit disorder) getting super emotional and completely bias. I appreciate you sharing this.

  3. Dan what do you think about VIX ETFs? I keep watching it afraid to go in and lose a lot of money, but it's going up like bananas and I don't see the fear stopping any time soon

  4. Dan, honestly dont worry about it, this thing is less dangerous than seasonal flu, which actually kills more people 'every' year. I dont know man is there not an election soon? Read this book okay "mindf*ck" by chris wylie. It answers a bunch of questions about what is happening right now! Its a good one for sitting under a tree.

  5. Google the Dow jones Industrial average 1929 chart , it currently looks like a mirror image . It lost 49 % in 2 1/2 months then continued up & down another 2 yrs for another 40 % loss. It took 26 yrs to recover, not to say that's the case but this was a super sized bull mkt on fed money .

  6. I'll tell you what things are worth Dan – what no one tells you when you're 30…!

    There is no wealth, but health!
    30 years from now, you will know this. Right now its all a game – money comes, money goes.

    But when you run out of health – as you will – there is no more to be made. Anywhere.

    Jets, limo's, penthouse apts….they're meaningless if you're in constant pain. Put a price on health. But no one tells you when you're young.
    Thanks for the caring words today. We all need it!

  7. Be careful with Vitamin C or any other antioxidant, taking too much will have the opposite effect of what you're looking for unless you have a deficiency.

  8. You seem very Zen and that's awesome! I am a new trader. you forget more in 10 minutes than I will likely ever learn! Please be careful due to multiple things I believe this may be "biblical." Stay safe.

  9. Thank you, Dan. You make several important points here. It is, howrver, incorrect to say that there aren't any markets in nature. Humans did not invent them. They are an immutable aspect of nature's eternal expression of natural law.

    Beneath the soil, there's a thriving market for nutrients between plants, mediated by fungi. Above it, those same plants compete for, and share sunlight, based on a constant, complicated, market-like, interactions. Flowering plants offer nutrients with pollinators in a directly transactional exchange. I could go on. These are just a few examples, starting at the very bottom.

    There's a reason that the words ecology and economy share that prefix. They both behave according to the same universal principles of supply and demand. The forest, as always, is our teacher.

    This is one of the most powerful insights I've ever had, and it's an honor to share share it with you. Thanks again for the work you do, and the priceless insights you also share.

    Peace, Love, and All the Best Retjrns

  10. My friend was chaos scenario talking to me for the past week or so. I kept calling him a fear mongerer. But when the weekly 200 go lost on Thursday, I was really feeling the fear then. Then it actually dropped to 240 overnight and I had trouble sleeping. I was still stressed out up until the 17 pt bounce the last hour of trading Friday. Now I feel like crap again when projected futures are down 1000 pts. I guess it's kinda weird to see you being so evenly keeled, yet have 1 year of supplies ready already. Seems kinda funny to me.

    I'm beginning to think we're not even close to max fear yet though. It seems inevitable that the entire country needs to quarantine for an entire 2 week period at minimum at this point or we're going to continue to see spikes in CV cases. I feel bad that not only are doctors essential people in this mess, but so are everyday normal joes that have to be the ones stocking the doomsday supplies that are flying off the shelves. I've been to Wal Mart 6 times in the past week and they've been completely sold out of TP, milk, eggs, lunch meat, beef/poultry, 95% of cereal each time. Luckily they've had some bread leftover.

  11. I always have 3-4 months worth of food and water supplies. I honestly don't get why more people aren't doing this for a few reasons:
    1) A lot of things are cheaper when you buy them in bulk, sometimes up to 40% in my supermarket, returns I can only dream of in the markets in such a short term.
    2) I like the idea of having extra food in the house in case I break my leg or something and am unable to go places for a while.
    3) In case people start panicking like now I don't have to wait in line for hours and can just wait it out for a little longer, especially if the reason for the panick is a virus where I would increase my risk by going to crowded supermarkets.

    In general I feel like it's almost always a good idea to "panic" (aka prepare) more when regular people are living in lalaland watching reality tv and sports and panic less when the world is going bananas. Most people, including me, will feel some sort of emotional distress in times like these so it's good to be a little better prepared in the areas you can control beforehand to not increase your stress levels even more when shit hits the fan, especially if it doesn't even cost you extra money and can even save you money.

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