None of that is medical or well being recommendation.
Take precautions and take heed to your docs, or do not, It is as much as you.

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  1. But Allopathic Medicine is the Route that "PTB" requires of us, there is no choice…

    I can approach things from my perspective to myself, as long as I don't tell anyone else but I would like to share as well. It looks like those days are gone… I can dig a root out of my backyard and make some tea that is far superior in effect- but I am not encouraged to share my results. We are in an age where we are required to "Silo" information and we are no longer allowed to "share.''

    If I write anything I know that could help, you would never see it – It would stay at a hub where folks that have decided "what is best for us" from their own perspective have arranged it to be so.

    We have no input of any worth that can be shared and each day brings more Firewalls that stand between you and I. I hope you "do well" in this Storm because "we are on our own…"

  2. stay safe … stay isolated and social distance… use the time to create and explore new ideas that you wouldnt normally get the chance to do in your busy schedules… and pray for those who are ill that they pull through…

  3. Me to mother ayahuasca “but he said it was fun” ?? On a serious note. I agree with you ? Brother Bear. Vitamin C is the way. I’ve been making my own liposomal encapsulated vitamin C for a few years now. It’s simple to make. There are recipes online. I will make a tutorial in the near future. Your body process it as a dietary fat so you can megadose and it’s even more effective than an intravenous drip. Also C directly attacks the virus. They’re having success in China with vitamin C IVs Excited to see your horse friend when you get him. Y’all all take care. Sending love to everyone out there. We got this!!

  4. There is a magickal moment when an organism or entity can cross the many dimensions required to travel from a separate Time and Space and commit to its own transmogrification and mesh in a real way with another Entity that is holding it in its 'frame of mind' and together they "Become" as ONE.

  5. Mother nature speaks. I could listen hours and hours…The only things that disturbs me a little bit is this combustion engine somewhere around. But nevertheless, peace Tijo!

  6. On another note. Birch trees have always been my favorite. They are pioneer species. In areas that are burned out, they are the first to take hold again and come back. This is certainly an energy we need right now.

  7. I always find it hard to disagree with anything you say. Love the nature in the videos lately. Keep up the positivity, laid back, and peaceful messages.

  8. Awesome video Tijo, so beautiful and well done.
    The birdlife is soooo prolific there, it is just amazing to hear all of their different sounds.
    If you think about it, every morning at dawn when the birds wake up and start to sing, the planet spins and it is becoming dawn at some time, somewhere, so the planet is like a singing ball, it never stops spinning with bird song. ;-)xoxo

  9. With all that beautiful nature and wild animals surrounding you, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could share videos of those sublime creature infused with verbiage about that particular animal? Experts should be invited to talk with you on the property…..Plant wise and creature wise and spirit wise. I would love to see a cougar sharing its ability to live with the world collapsing around as a lesson to us to keep on keeping on. It doesn’t have to be complicated.
    On another thought, I think you are uniquely qualified to take this crisis and give us five or so steps to take advantage of what is happening around us. Be it meditation, or channeling, ( yes you should be channeling), or finding herbs and plants near you for medicinal purposes, or letting us share in the life of your beautiful dog. Did you know Shibas are the closest in DNA to a wolf. Such a fitting dog for you and it DID NOT happen by chance. I am doing a recording of your background noise to use at night to put me to sleep. You could sell that soooo fast. Maybe a YouTube channel with the noise near you that I am now paying “Amazon”/Alexa” to listen to something.. yours is real with video for me to actually transplant myself there .. Lots of souls will be coming on your property to regenerate and progress.
    You don’t have to do much except wait as your new and additional purpose in this realm explodes before you. Just sit back and share with us please !

  10. hey Tijo dear..agreed..big pharma and Western medicine approach is reductionism…they have to reduce natural things down to the ONE ingredient that matches to cure somethng which is ludicrous. Chaga is a wonderful beautiful medicine (and of course agreed they cant make money) and the interests of pharma would be to reduce ingredients in chaga and make something artificial like it. Chaga is actually a great antiviral including HIV. Love you. And I like the idea of decentralized government. People have been brought up with this idea of needing a daddy to control everything and make us secure. And its made everybody sue happy it seems..Like when someone falls and bums their knee and yells there oughtta be a law. bout lookin at where your fuckin goin! LOL

  11. Thank you for your contributions. Also thank yo very much for the silent viewing at the end. I am a wildlife and fisheries biologist and business owner and this inspires me to learn your local bird songs and calls while I do my office work. Keep up the excellent work! Thank you for you!

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