Dev’s nook is a brand new part of BitShares Information the place builders concerned with the BitShares venture submit technical associated briefs and observations. On this first submit, John Jones discusses phrases used round BitShares property.

The BitShares Core code distinguishes between BitShares property within the following method:

  1. CORE – A base asset. Just one exists on the chain, and is created throughout the Genesis Block. On the BitShares mainnet, that is BTS. On the BitShares testnet, that is TEST.
  2. Consumer Issued Asset (UIA) – An asset issued by a BitShares account(consumer).
  3. BitAsset – An asset that’s backed by one other. The backing asset is both CORE or an asset that itself is backed by CORE.

Some BitAssets have their parameters managed by the BitShares Committee. These are distinguished by the ‘bit’ prefix(i.e. bitUSD, bitCNY, bitEUR, bitBTC). The worth feeds for these property come from committee members or witness members.

BitAssets may be break up into two sorts:

  1. Market Pegged Asset (MPA) – Belongings who’s worth is predicated on exterior worth feeds (versus the interior DEX market), and backed by the CORE asset or one other asset that itself is backed by CORE.
  2. Prediction Market (PM) – Specialised BitAsset the place whole debt and whole collateral are equal. As soon as a worth feed (which will likely be between zero and 1) is revealed, the market is globally settled.

Word: “Smartcoin” is an trade time period with just a few definitions. People who consult with “smartcoins” on the BitShares platform are in all probability referring to Market Pegged Belongings (MPA’s).

Understand that property should have some form of alternate charge to calculate charges. This charge known as the Core Change Charge (CER).


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