Don’t let this be a second the place we forfeit our rights for these few idiots who don’t sense the true hazard in these conditions. Accountable communities don’t want authorities mandates. They simply do what is correct and transfer on, however are we succesful?

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  1. The picture of the beaches not far from where I live have made me realize that we’re fucked as a society. I live very rural and as self sufficient as possible in my late 30s . But watching thousands party like it’s 1999 and say they aren’t worried about the virus helps me understand that when you provide most all the recorded information on this planet available on the phone in their hand and all they are doing is sending selfie’s on Facebook with funny memes that the human species is in major trouble.

  2. Blessings Brother Bear.
    Yes, we came as crypto fans, we are indeed enjoying your “back to nature” expositions and advocacy for “leave us be” freedom. ???? :{D}

  3. It's a good question in a World that no longer has the collective cognitive ability to recognize their own ability to measure ANYTHING has been reduced to a profound extent. "Catch 22"

  4. Awesome video and insight Tijo. 😉
    It is great listening to you and relaxing with you outside by the fire.
    Maybe you could play one of your instruments for us one day. 🙂

  5. Animals all around the world are rejoicing. Even the birds where I live are going off singing like crazy before sunrise. The waters of Venice canals are clear and the dolphins and swans are back. Our future will be bright. The planet needs this reset. I'm excited even though the next year will be rough.

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