I had a imaginative and prescient, are we going right into a way forward for digital cowboys, an artisanal renaissance? seems like a best-case situation to me. Strap up and lock in, we’re going fo a experience bear household.

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  1. I live in the U.S. and 99% of the citizens here just showed our government how easily we can be manipulated and controlled to do what they want. I think after this is all over the government here is going to start taking more and more freedoms from us and quickly. They will spoon feed it to us as if they are doing what is best for us. That 99% of those that are easily manipulated will fall right in line and let the government take over happen.

  2. Thanks for sharing your vision! As time goes by with this new situation, more and more people will have thoughts and visions like this. It is a chance for humanity to rethink how we want our lives and relations with one another to be. Let's hope that we will see the good and kindness come out and prevail over egotism and ellbowing.
    Just returned home from Costa Rica a few hours ago and I already miss the sounds of the jungle. I made recordings of it during my morning meditations so I can listen to it here in the German urban jungle and feel connected to nature… ?

  3. I like your vision, though find myself highly concerned about the emphasis on 'social distancing' as the main tool (maybe not your main tool, but governments') to slow down Corona. After hearing David Icke on London Real, it makes a lot of sense that rather than shutting down and quarantining all of society, that there should be an emphasis on protecting the vulnerable and meeting to their needs. Seems like they could be protected in large part by quarantining them, and society would have the resources (labor and capital) to take care of them. And there is no discussion in the main stream that I have heard about immune system strengthening (vitamins, herbs, etc) as well as the idea of developing "herd immunities" by asking for volunteers in good health to get the virus so as to develop the antibodies to no longer be risk of carriers. Otherwise, I don't think it matters how much people distance themselves and quarantine themselves; we will hear more and more about the punitive measures you describe because it seems to be the only strategy they are interested in pursuing.

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