I don’t imagine 5g has something to do with this, and I’m uninterested in the conspiracies. Is it unhealthy for people, yeah, most likely, that is pretty simple to imagine? Does it have something to do with the present pandemic happening, no! NO! NO! I can not imagine we now have to have this dialog.

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  1. Chaga grows in Siberia… far to the North. It is a shelf fungi that grows on trees mostly in Russia where it is very cold for a long time. The tea that it makes is tasteless which is why it should be combined with fresh ginger and sweetened with a little Manuka honey. That's what I offer my students every morning. 🙂 A tea pot with super hot water soaking in chaga + ginger root + a dab of manuka honey. A great anti-virus cocktail and it tastes good too! My students in Chengdu are sold on this and most drink the free tea I offer every day. And @08:29 no you are not talking shit. Chaga is good health and thank you for spreading the message!

  2. You did ahayuasca yet still think the snake is not among us. Ok

    Also conspiring may be difficult for you, so its difficult for everyone? Again ok.

  3. Hi Tijo, just wanted to say you are Fantastic at making videos like this… actually they are AmaZing and you have a lot of talent at film making… jmho 🙂

  4. I am what most people would call a conspiracy theorist, but 5G and Coronavirus makes no sense what so ever.
    This, what's happening now, this is just mother nature making a tiny attempt at balancing things as she always does.
    This one is a relatively small one, and we are over due a big one!

  5. id2020…agenda21…event201…. CERN…DARPA…FEMA… those aren't conspiracies …5g 60ghz neither … btw Chinese eat bats n freak things from thousands Year … something is surely Fishy and by not too long from now yes you will need your id2020 to can book a flight …train (its already active in china)

  6. Elon Musk has satellites beaming 5G down on all of us. When 5G is targeted at individuals it doesn't allow a persons lungs to process oxygen molecules properly causing them to fill up with water. The test being used will give false positive results 80% of the time so most people who test positive only have the common cold. But who really knows the truth when everything we are told is a lie.

  7. This is golden. ?⭐️

    I was pretty deep into the conspiracy theory camp years ago, seemed to have climbed out, yet have really been tested this last month again. Glad to hear your wise perspectives on this, as it’s some great counterbalance. ?

  8. I love all your videos and could listen to you for hours. You expand this old brain of mine. 🙂 I have to thank you and Cliff High for introducing me to Chaga tea months back. I researched it myself and ordered a few bags back then. I have my whole family drinking it. I was even thinking of getting my daughter to give it to my grandchildren–ages 2, 7 and 9, but I am a little scared given how young they are. We will see. Thank you for everything and stay safe. :'l

  9. Its hard to witness a smart guy as you are to not realize the entire civilisation has been build around conspiracies. From Cesar to JFK and all the war to still energy and fake flags bombing . Why the hell Julian Assange is in jail now and all his colleagues have silently disappeared..
    Though, I like your idea about the necessity to have those challenges so, as human species we can move on to a deeper and more loving place

  10. Do you believe the new 5G is setting us up for AI? I'm in Los Angeles, and I feel like protecting myself from 5G here is really hard. SynergyScience seems credible. As far as the virus, I agree. I'm just saying inside for the foreseeable future. Are you taking part in the global mediation tonight? It's in an hour and 40 minutes. I love chaga and reishi together. OMG I just noticed an adorable ant on the left of the screen carrying something white up the log. awe so cute!! (at 10:44 he has friends 13:13) lol God is sacred geometry. I fly in my dreams.

  11. What the hell is going on behind you to the left of your head from about the 14 minute to 16 minute mark? What is that in the forest flashing on and off, black image and 2 white dots?

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