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FAQ: Quanta Token Ecosystem. About SWAP / Staking / QNT / QNTX | by Quanta | Quanta SWAP/Staking 2020

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About SWAP / Staking / QNT / QNTX

Q: What does the SWAP/Staking mean?

Quanta has announced its SWAP/Staking guidelines via PR on 31st of March in order to create the new Quanta token ecosystem.

Please refer to PR for further information:

Q: Where should we apply for SWAP/Staking?

This was announced Quanta official SWAP/Staking web site (Telegram), you can apply from here:

Q: Do we need to update our KYC?

Yes. All QNTU holder have to update KYC for SWAP/Staking via application form.

Q: Why do we need to update our KYC since we had done the KYC when we bought QNTU with Quanta PLC?

Throughout SWAP/Staking, new utility token (QNTX) will be issued. To receive this new utility token (QNTX) you need to update your KYC status.

About SWAP

Q: When is the deadline of the SWAP?

The deadline is May 1st, 2020.

Q: If we could not SWAP until the deadline what happen to our QNTU?

Technically, QNTU will exist, but the QNTU holder must SWAP by the deadline if the holder wants to particpate in the SWAP/Staking.

Q: How should we receive the new token (QNTX) after SWAP/Staking?

Quanta will provide you with the new token (QNTX) to your wallet address to which you send the QNTU from to SWAP/Staking address from or to the address you requested. We will inform this procedure after SWAP/Staking period.

Q: When are we able to receive net token (QNTX)?

Around September 1st, 2020, the QNTX will be listed on the exchanges and the hollders of the QNTU’s will have been provided with the QNTX.

Q: Can we apply only for the SWAP?

Yes, you can. Please note that if you do so, you will not receive the staking bonus.

Q: How can we receive the new token (QNTX) if we send QNTU’s from the exchange address?

We will contact the applicants to ask for the wallet address where you want to receive the new token (QNTX), before providing it.

About Staking

Q: Does this staking mean that Quanta will change its consensus algorithm?

No, it doesn’t. This is just a staking bonus option.

Q: When is the deadline of the staking?

The deadline is the same May 1st 2020.

Q: Can we apply to only staking?

No, you cannot. If you want to stake you must SWAP, the QNTU to the new token (QNTX) simultaneously.

Q: When does the staking period start?

September 1st 2020, the staking starts counting.

Q: Is our QNTU holding period related to this staking period?

No, it is not. There is no relation between the QNTU holding period and this staking period.

Q: Can we trade net token (QNTX) during staking period?

No, you can’t. You can’t trade the new token (QNTX) while staking.

Q: Do you plan to have any other staking chance in the future?

No. This is the only one offer for staking.

Q: How will we receive new token (QNTX) after the staking period?

Quanta will provide the new token (QNTX) to your wallet address to which you sent the QNTU to SWAP/Stake. As we will inform you of this procedure before transferring you can change the address to which we sent the QNTX.


Q: When will the QNT(QNTR) dividend be distributed?

We are planning to distribute on 30th of June 2020.

Q: What should we do with the QNT (QNTR) while SWAP/Staking? The QNT you will receive is in QNT’s, the equivalent in ETH.

Nothing to do. Please keep your QNT (QNTR) in your wallet as usual.

Q: Is the QNT (QNTR) dividend automatically distributed?

Yes. We are currently working on a technical solution to provide the distribution via a smart contract automatically. Please stay tuned.

Q: In which currency is the QNT (QNTR) dividend distributed?

The QNT (QNTR) dividend will be distributed in ETH.

Q: We have not received QNTR. What should we do?

Technically, the QNTR is not issued yet. Please keep the QNT you currently have.

Q: Should we keep the QNT in our wallet?

Yes, please. Keep the QNT in your wallet.

Q: Why is the value of the QNT (QNTR)in Quanta Wallet fluctuating?

This has been a technical error as it’s the name of our initial token, the QNT is managed by another project that is independent and separate from our Quanta company. Due to confusion, Quanta amended its utility token to QNTU for its listing on numerous crypto exchanges. The QNTR has not been distributed as it is deemed a security token but Quanta is reviewing this token to avoid further misunderstanding.

Q: We could not trade the QNT (QNTR), why?

Since the QNT (QNTR) is deemed a security token, Quanta cannot distribute and list this token on similar crypto exchanges as is the case with its QNTU token.

Q: Can we trade QNT (QNTR) in the future?

We are always seeking the opportunity to list the QNT (QNTR) on any allowable exchanges. But as the QNT (QNTR) is deemed to be a security token, it will have to follow strict financial regulatory requirements. There are more and more exchanges that allow security tokens to be listed. Please stay tuned.

Q: How often will you distribute the QNT (QNTR) dividend and when is the next distribution?

Quanta management will continue to make annual dividends. Ideally, Quanta is looking for a more permanent solution that would allow for the distribution and automated ‘smart contract’ solution to facilitate these dividends. Again, Quanta would like to maintain its promise to token holders as mentioned in the white paper and is still looking at different options that abide with the regulations.

Q: What is the source/fund of the QNT (QNTR) dividend? And how much?

The QNT (QNTR) dividend will be calculated from the blockchain lottery sales in the Isle of Man. After summarizing sales turnover, the dividend amount will be calculated and payout to eligible holders. The numbers will be not be large.

About QNTX

Q: What is the QNTX?

This is the new utility token in the new Quanta token ecosystem instead of the QNTU. It will have additional functionalities.

Q: When will the QNTX be issued?

The QNTX will be issued around September 1st 2020.

Q: What kind of function/utility does the QNTX have?

In addition to the function that the QNTU has, the QNTX will have more utility within its new ecosystem where it will connect not only to the lottery industry but also to the gaming, fintech, healthcare and others. Please stay tuned. The prospects are very exciting.

Q: On which exchanges will the QNTX be listed?

We will prioritize to list the QNTX on exchanges where the QNTU was listed, but we also focus on exchanges in the areas Quanta is active from Africa to Latin America and ofcourse we would like to not forget China and others.

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