I really feel increasingly more strongly that it’s as much as every particular person to face up and make a distinction on the earth we’re creating. As an alternative of cave-in, breathe deeply and keep in mind that we’re all in cost. I solely imagine we’re in command of how we progress subsequent, so take the reigns and begin writing the story!

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  1. come up with a better thesis we may, but one day you wont be able to travel to your favorite destination unless you have a covid-19 vac certificate like how you need a yellow fever vaccination

  2. Is this a flu virus or a manufactured bio weapon? If Clif High is correct his research shows its a bio weapon and as such cannot be treated same as a virus and probably no vaccine can be developed

  3. Fast Food Needs To Go Away ,People Need to Learn Better Health Habits,Become more self Aware, And realize That There Are Alternatives to Big Pharma.

  4. I think the virus is a false flag. Statistics during this time are confused intentionally. If a person got admitted to the hospital now in the USA with flu like symptoms and a fever, if the hospital says you have the flu Medicare will pay $4600 when the person is admitted to the hospital. If the same person was admitted with suspected covid19 the hospital would then get $13000. Now if someone was seriously sick and needed a ventilator the hospital would get $39000. Most are admitted with the $13000 option only to find out later they don't have the virus. In New York for persons to take the drug Trump was recommending, Cuomo made a rule that the person had to be hospitalized first, guess he wanted that $13000. What we are being told is Bill Gates who couldn't keep a virus off his crappy software wants to be the vaccinator for the planet. He wont be allowed to do that in India where half a million children were crippled from a vaccine of his. He wont be able to do that in South Africa where failed vaccines have people saying he is not welcome here. I don't want his vaccine and microchip. I don't need to be tracked. I don't want to be denied employment or travel because I don't meet Gates criteria.

  5. Finding and advocating for a better solution than what you don't want to be imposed, as opposed to just fighting against it, really makes sense. Especially when there are off-the-shelf, less invasive solutions readily available like adopting the practice of wearing a face mask when we're sick so we don't spread contagion to others. I honestly had not thought of this approach. Glad I watched!

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