What’s with the title you surprise, needed to see what occurred if I instructed folks to not watch my movies! hahaha

A lot of the media across the scientific knowledge has been politicized its virtually not possible to have a dialog with out stepping on somebody’s toes. Because the world in lots of components of the world has taken their very own approaches, its simpler to inform that knowledge ought to be fact-driven, as a substitute of opinion. The onerous reality of the matter is the info have us principally uncomfortable selections. I will probably be again with extra perception tomorrow.

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  1. OMG that sloth. I wanna be there. Luckily our beach is open again, for now. When do we get to hear you play guitar again by the morning fire??? Can you travel into CR or Panama during lockdown if you have dual citizenship?

  2. Is that tattoo Thelemic or not so much? I have a very old tattoo on my foot that says "Love be the Law, Love Under Will" It was a fleeting moment in my spiritual journey. Powerful enough of a marker to ink myself though.

  3. The Elite like the ROTHCHILD'S control almost Everything !!! Banking System+ Media+Google+ Youtube and almost everything !! This is who we are fighting against !! They have the MONEY, and can BUY ALMOST EVERY POLITITICIAN and make there Laws !!!

  4. You are absolutely right about the politics of medicine here in the US. People and their disgusting lust for power will pervert anything good to gain or maintain power. They are soul-less…Good video, looks so peaceful and beautiful…Thanks for what you do!

  5. Dude there is also a natural remedy that is also used for malaria. They make a tea from Artemisia annua plant & is been used as a very effective treatment in Madagascar for COVID
    Of course the WHO & big pharma are trying to shut it down.

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