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Protect our NHS Heroes: An Overview | by BABB

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‘Protect our NHS Heroes’ is a fundraising initiative to help provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to NHS healthcare workers and ensure their safety on the frontline of the battle against Coronavirus (COVID-19). Unfortunately, current supplies of PPE are insufficient to adequately protect our doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants and other essential NHS staff caring for sick patients.

Donate here: https://getbabb.info/2ZccQSd

The scale of the challenge

A shortage of PPE supplies remains one of the biggest challenges facing the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is estimated that between 7.5 and 12 million masks, gowns and aprons are required across the country each day. Despite the government’s best efforts, it has only been able to distribute on average 5.5 million units a day, according to data from the Department of Health and Social Care. It is unsurprising therefore that shortages of respirators, gowns and visors have been widely reported in treatment facilities across the country.

According to a recent survey by the Royal College of Physicians, 26.5% of respondents said they were unable to access the equipment they need for managing COVID-19 patients. A survey of GPs by Pulse magazine found that 25% reported having seen virus-infected patients without PPE.

It is extremely concerning that more than 100 NHS staff and other healthcare workers have died from COVID-19. We would never send soldiers to war without adequate armour and protection. Similarly, our frontline healthcare workers should not be expected to put their own lives on the line in a bid to save the lives of others.

Our goals

· To utilise raised funds to purchase PPE directly from global supply chains and donate these supplies directly to NHS Hospitals in need.

· To source PPE from reputable international suppliers, and ensure that all sourced materials are in keeping with the government’s technical and regulatory standards (CE Certificates and EN Registrations).

· To work closely and directly with NHS Trusts across England to ensure that donations are being used where they are needed most.

Who we are

We are a team of clinicians (GPs and Hospital Doctors), involved with caring for patients with COVID-19. We are motivated to help ensure that all of our colleagues involved in the fight against COVID-19, are able to provide effective patient care while feeling safe and minimising the risk of infection to ourselves, our families and other patients.

We are not political, nor are we placing any judgement on the NHS, the UK Government, or any affiliated organisations contributing to the global effort in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Our aim is to support public health stakeholders with the PPE supplies that they need.

Our Appeal To You

Our NHS Heroes are on the very frontline of the battle against COVID-19 and they need our support now. Your kind financial contribution, no matter how small, will help us to donate the PPE they urgently need to protect themselves and provide the best patient care, in the safest way possible.

The Team

Here’s a snapshot of the team involved in this campaign:

Dr Nathan Curran is the project lead and practices as a GP in London.

Dr Anup Mazumdar practices as a GP in London and also provides care to COVID-19 patients.

Dr You-Jin Chang practices as a GP in London and Surrey and also provides remote GP services for the NHS.

Dr Robert Swigelaar practices as a GP in London and also provides care to COVID-19 patients.

Dr Payal Mehta practiced as a GP with the NHS for nearly a decade. She now works as a GP at London Doctors Clinic and is also a Functional Medicine practitioner.

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