Diving in to take a Sunday night take a look at the markets! Bitcoin, Gold Silver and the remainder of the shares. We take a fast take a look at Theta and Theta Gas as properly!

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  1. Fabulous show, brother! I appreciate the musical outro too. I actually went to an indigenous musical instrument museum in Antigua, Guatemala, in the mid-90s. Haven't thought about that experience in many years.

  2. Silver doesn’t go anywhere without golds permission, so Bitcoin decides the price of other crypto’s. There can be bumps up and down, but structural bull and bear moves follow what Bitcoin does. Gold, is no longer a contra indicator, and safe haven asset. it follows the DOW. If the US stock market crashes, as will everything else. Gold included. Bitcoin and crypto’s are exactly the same.
    The real question is, will all those trillions of newly printed dollars start a flood of money into the DOW, and cause price inflation? If so, Bitcoin will follow, but it won’t lead the market. It will follow the market.

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