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Terra Roadmap 2020. Terra Roadmap | by Daniel Hwang | Terra Money | Aug, 2020

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Daniel Hwang

Here we outline our the Terra Core release schedule, roadmap, related tooling and projects, and initiatives for the remainder of 2020 up until the launch of our fifth mainnet update, Columbus-5.

Terra Core will change in two major ways over the next two upgrades.

In Columbus-4, users will be able to write and upload smart contracts onto the Terra blockchain, enabling fully decentralized agents with transparent state and logic. This represents a significant development in the evolution of our chain as it opens up the ability for developers to create decentralized applications that leverage the unique advantages of the Terra blockchain, such as native stablecoins, oracle prices, and on-chain swaps.

Terra is secured by Tendermint consensus performed over the 100 top validators by bonded Luna stake. This ensures block finality, and block times generally fall in between 5 and 6 seconds. As such, the Terra blockchain is able to reach hundreds of transactions per second. Terra promises to extend its success of bringing the advantages of crypto to over 2 million ordinary users to smart contracts such as Anchor.

Smart contracts on Terra run on WebAssembly, which is quickly becoming the preferred industry standard for safe and portable execution. WebAssembly’s compact format, potential for optimization, and inclusive language support make it the ideal choice for supporting performant smart contracts that can operate across multiple blockchains — a future that Terra is at the center of shaping. It’s the direction a lot of smart projects are heading and we’re glad to be on board.

Smart contracts are written in Rust, a modern low-level systems language with an emphasis on performance and safety. Rust offers developers a fine granularity of control while also providing automatic guarantees of memory safety, which make it a great language for writing efficient and robust contracts. Terra smart contracts will also be able to import crates, allowing easy reuse of Rust logic and libraries. We hope to see smart contracts become significantly more interesting as developers experiment with bringing functionality from the large existing Rust ecosystem onto Terra. We’re above all excited to be part of its vibrantly enthusiastic developer community.

This was made possible through an integration with CosmWasm, which is featured in Terra Core’s new WASM module. CosmWasm is a project that enables Cosmos chains to embed a sandboxed WebAssembly runtime for executing smart contracts. Confio, the team behind CosmWasm, has put a great deal of thought and attention into smart contract security, particularly in avoiding the pitfalls of Ethereum, such as reentrancy attacks and integer overflow. They have also put a tremendous amount of care in designing an easy-to-use API for smart contract writers.

You can find CosmWasm sample contracts in our repository here and more detailed information featuring CosmWasm’s innate features and capabilities can be found here in this high level post as well as its documentation portal.

Columbus-4 brings additional features to the chain.
Terra will additionally be adding important feature proposals to be confirmed via appropriate governance processes with release candidate RC-0.4.3 including:

As we mentioned the important features that we will be pushing to the public in our Columbus-4 update, an audit is a fundamental step towards ensuring that the community has a guarantee that the code we are suggesting for upgrade is trusted. A formal audit of these features will be completed before any such mainnet exposure. We would like to clarify that these feature upgrades for Terra’s mainnet are feature recommendations that will only be passed through network consensus.

For the Community. With the Community.
The significant efforts at making the Terra network more robust, efficient, and feature-rich has been a core effort of the Terra infrastructure team from inception. Our infrastructure team, with the help of our genesis validators and many significant additions to our validator ecosystem, has brought us all to the successes we’ve achieved thus far. This next mainnet update milestone introducing smart contracts and core feature proposals represents an opportunity for much more ecosystem exposure, collaboration, and development.

Upcoming Roadmap and Tentative Timelines

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