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Win BIG with the new Zeeves Loyalty Programme | by Aparna Narayanan | Sep, 2020

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Win BIG with the new Zeeves Loyalty Programme

Our friendly bot-ler Zeeves has some new tricks up his sleeve. Scroll down for the details!

Most of you have met Zeeves — Zilliqa’s peer-to-peer reward and engagement bot. Zeeves is secure, swift and efficient, not to mention one of the most advanced Telegram-based crypto bots in the world. Zeeves is someone you can rely on.

Here’s a 101 guide on getting set up and using its features. Registering for Zeeves via Telegram will take just 5 minutes of your time, and trust me, it’s worth it, because:

★ Zeeves enables users to quickly ‘tip’ their peers on Telegram just by entering their username

★ Zeeves comes with a quiz feature through which you can design and participate in quizzes along with your Telegram community peers, in exchange for $ZIL or points.

Today, we’re taking this a step further to not only recognise, but reward your consistent engagement as a Zilliqan.

Introducing the Zeeves Loyalty Programme — a tiered points-based system designed to enrich efficiency in the Zilliqa ecosystem, empower and encourage your peers, and improve your overall experience! All users who sign up for Zeeves are automatically integrated into the loyalty programme.

Actions performed through our bot-ler correspond with certain points. Over time, you can accumulate points and benefit from special giveaways at the various tiers described below.

  • 👋 Beginner (0 points)
  • 🥉 Bronze (1,000 points)
  • 🥈 Silver (3,500 points)
  • 🥇 Gold (5,000 points)
  • 💎 Diamond (10,000 points)
  • 🏆 Zilliqan (20,000 points)

You can gain points for various actions, such as:

  • 💰 Buying ZIL — Any amount of ZIL you buy will be matched 1:1 for a loyalty point.
  • 💳 Sending and tipping ZIL — Transactions worth any amount sent via Zeeves will give you 100 points.
  • 🎲 Answering quizzes — You will receive 100 points for each correct answer in a quiz organised by Zilliqa or a fellow community member
  • 🎲 Quiz Engagement — If you’ve designed a quiz, you will receive 20 points for each answer to your quiz.
  • 🧩 Quiz Creation — 20 points for each quiz you create.
  • 🤝 Referrals — If you’ve been invited by a friend, you will receive 200 points upon successful registration to Zeeves.

Rewards may vary — from getting small $ZIL bonuses which users can avail to buy tokens or they could be merchandise. If you’ve been chosen for a reward, you will receive a notification from the team.

After the rewards are distributed at month end — Zeeves will reset all users points to the nearest level. For instance, if you had 3,600 points and were at the ‘Silver level’ — you will be downgraded to 3,500 points. But for instance — if you had exactly 3,500 points, you’ll be in the Bronze category, as it indicates that your account did not generate new activity over the past month.

We will feature a leaderboard of the top 10 users on our Zeeves webpage, and may have exciting rewards in store for the Top Users… Stay tuned! Special rewards will ALSO be given to people who consistently engage and climb up the latter.

A glimpse of our special rewards for Top Users

Your points balance will be displayed on the main menu. When you get points — you’ll receive a notification, which you can share on any public chat group to encourage your friends to participate as well!

Confused about any of the Zeeves features? Our webpage features FAQs to help you out. For any other questions, our admins are always available to help you on Telegram.

🚨Please be warned that the misuse of Zeeves in any way to spread FUD, scam, target or troll fellow users will result in an IMMEDIATE loss of your account.🚨

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