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Build Your Own Financial World with Y FOX FINANCE | by Y FOX FINANCE | Sep, 2020

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Y FOX is an open-source Decentralized protocol which enables you to easily access FOX DUAL STAKING, FARMING, GOVERNANCE VOTE, LENDING and BORROWING DeFi Services from a simple dashboard.

Our goal is to simplify the process of lending and borrowing of crypto assets while maintaining Decentralization and transparency by Leveraging the superior capability (i.e., high performance and smart contract functionality).

Y FOX Members can participate in network governance to maintain an open and fair ecosystem on Y FOX Finance. By holding Y FOX tokens, you’re eligible to vote during the decision-making process. Y FOX users will collectively act as governors of the protocol.

Building a Yield Aggregator for Decentralized Financial Services

At Y FOX Finance, we aim to build a suite of accessible, user-friendly DeFi products to help everyday crypto investors unlock better yield potential at minimal risk. We place a strong emphasis on creating universally accessible financial products with positive user experiences.

Our vision is clear and is simple: to become the go-to DeFi protocol by promoting a global, open financial ecosystem where you can access a wide range of financial services — namely digital banking, deposits, loans and trading — in a decentralized, borderless and trustless manner.

Immediately Applicable Tools: As soon as the Y FOX platform is live, swapping of crypto assets, lending, staking and provision of liquidity will become a possibility. This will immediately give a better solution to thousands of users looking to provide liquidity and earn commissions.

Ease of Use: The Y FOX platform will make it easy for those with minimal experience working with cryptocurrencies to easily stake token and earn rewards, it will also make it easy for user to lend their crypto assets and earn rewards. The dashboard and contract creation settings will make it very easy for everyone involved.

Elimination of Middle Man: Long gone will be the days of 1%-10% interest rate on loan transactions. Anyone looking to collect loans will be able to do so even without having to go through KYC process.


YFOX token holders will be able to earn passive returns on their deposits, up to a maximum of 200% yearly. The periodic interest rate is outlined below:

Hourly(60 Min.)= 0.023148%
Daily(24 Hrs.)= 0.555555%
Weekly (7 days) = 3.888888%
Monthly (30 days) = 16.666666%
Yearly (360 days) = 200%

Fixed Fees:

Stake Entry Fee: 1%
Unstake Fee: 0.5%
Minimum Stake Lock: 42 hours


In addition to regular staking, we’re introducing Fixed Deposit staking, the first of its kind in the DeFi industry. Similar to banks where customers receive returns on term deposits, YFOX offers fixed deposits at interest rates of up to 250% per year (360 days). Interest on fixed deposit staking is added at a daily rate of 0.69%.

{ There will only ever be 23,000 YFOX tokens as the contract does not contain a provision to “mint” more tokens.
30% of the 23,000 total tokens are stored in a staking rewards contract calculated to cover the first 2 years of operations. }

[FOX DUAL STAKING will be live in October 2020]

By contributing to Y FOX liquidity pools, you’ll be eligible for liquidity mining rewards on any collateralized loans obtained on Y FOX. To become a liquidity provider, you simply hold YFOX tokens. Users on our platform will be able to provide liquidity and earn commission on their locked crypto assets. Liquidity mining rewards in a variety of pools soon to be released.

Users on Y FOX platform will have the opportunity to put their crypto assets to work, provide liquidity and earn returns on those assets. Our YEILD FARMING program will be launching in the fourth of 2020.

Y FOX allows the owners to delegate voting rights to the address of their choice. This token enables the holders to govern the protocol. The token holder can weigh in on discussions and vote on the forward progress of the protocol.

The fox platform will feature a decentralized exchange where users can easily swap token pairs at a reduced fee. The Y FOX Swap DEX is Powered by its own native token Y FOX, an ERC-20 token build on the Ethereum Blockchain. Y FOX SWAP DEX will target to make it easy, inexpensive and safe for everyone.

Y FOX will introduce its own FOX SWAP DEX platform users can swipe their crypto Liquidity and add their token on Y FOX platform. Users who will provide liquidity will earn interest in the farm of Y FOX Tokens.

Y FOX Lending Platform Provide the crypto assets required for the loan at an agreed-upon interest rate. It would also enable Borrowers to use their crypto assets as collateral to obtain a loan.

Total Supply: 23,000

Circulating Supply- 5,750 (At time of Launching)

UniSwap5,750 Tokens (25%) Fully Distributed
FOX Staking- 6,900 Tokens (30%) Locked with Smart Contract
Team and Advisory- 2,760 Tokens (12%) Locked with Vesting Smart Contract for 15 Months [184 Tokens will be released every month ]
Foundation and Ecosystem- 2,300 Tokens (10%) Fully Locked with Smart Contract
Development- 2990 Tokens (13%) Locked with Vesting Smart Contract for 10 Months [299 Tokens will be released every month]
Marketing- 1840 Tokens(8%) will be used for Marketing and Promotions.
Reserved- 460 Tokens(2%) for Community Reward and Emergency

Website :– https://yfox.finance/
Email :[email protected]
Twitter :https://twitter.com/yfoxfinance
Telegram Announcement:– https://t.me/YFOX_Announcement
Telegram Community :– https://t.me/YFOX_Finance
Medium :– https://medium.com/@YFOXFINANCE
GITHUB :– https://github.com/YFOXFINANCE
DISCORD :– https://discord.io/YFOX_FINANCE

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