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Countdown to Stkr. A brief historical recap | by Ankr | Ankr | Sep, 2020

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A brief historical recap

A few weeks ago we announced Stkr — an exciting new platform, driven by the Ankr token, to facilitate not just Ankr-style node hosting, but a full staking mechanic.

Stkr is initially going to support the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 protocol, allowing users to run Ethereum 2.0 staking nodes on Stkr, but will later be extended across other platforms such as Polkadot, EOS and Binance Chain, accelerated through an API and developer kit we will make available to developers of these other platforms.

Stkr introduces the unique concept of Micropools, allowing people with less than the required stake amount of 32 ETH to participate in a hosting pool, earning rewards proportionate to their staked amount.

And finally, the protocol introduces a mechanism where anyone can become a hosting service provider, by staking ANKR and ETH, and earning staking rewards in the process.

The entire platform introduces new utility and massive staking opportunities for the Ankr token and provides an ingenious mechanism to allow supply to match demand through the offering of significant rewards for both staking a node and providing resource for it to be hosted.

But you guys know all about this already — we’d like to now bring you up to date with our progress… because as you may be aware, the Ethereum 2.0 team recently declared their work is now ahead of their expected schedule and so release is likely to be sooner than we all expected.

What’s next for Stkr?

We have a dedicated team building the Stkr protocol and they are ahead of schedule as well! So we would like to update you on the progress and timelines of the Stkr development.

  • On October 1st Stkr will enter Ankr internal testing: the first version of the codeline will be ready for thorough testing by our own QA team. We expect this phase to take around 2 weeks.
  • In the 2nd half of October the Stkr public testnet will be released: this is the version our QA team tested and engineers refined. It will require some solid testing by as many people as possible — the more you guys can help with this, the better our end product will be, so we encourage you to participate as much as possible

A question has been asked frequently as to whether this will be an incentivised exercise — and this is something we are considering internally. While it’s unlikely to be incentivised purely by token payment, it’s highly likely we will be able to offer good participants interesting rewards such as tokens and highly discounted utilization of either the Ankr or the Stkr platforms. More on this soon.

And finally.. a teaser!

To give you an early impression of what the Stkr platform will look like, we love to share this screenshot with you.

Please note this does not represent the final design; it’s a prototype screen before full design/styling has been applied, but it does give you a taste of what is to come — and some feel for the level of progress made so far.

Exciting, isn’t it!

This brings our update to a close and we’d just like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their ongoing support and would like to assure everyone that patience will be rewarded — we are so hyped for Stkr; it feels like Ankr is stepping up to the next level now!

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