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The Cyberpunk Future of COIN: You Might Want to Sit Down For This | by Marguerite deCourcelle

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The Puzzle Development Strategy Guide

Blockade provides two core types of crypto-puzzles: Those designed by community members for each other, and those designed by Blockade themselves for special events or promotions.

Puzzle completion methods will vary over time, but for the time being we will be continuing to utilize the CERES-IV bot in Discord as a medium for submitting puzzle answers.

Blockade Built

  • Prizes can hold rewards in any cryptocurrency
  • Prize amounts can be in $COIN
  • $COIN puzzles require at least $streetscum Discord rank to participate in and claim a prize for
  • May incorporate other requirements for prize claim eligibility such as higher than street scum discord rank or NFT ownership, depending on the puzzle. If there are special eligibility rules for an upcoming puzzle, they will be announced 1 week in advance of puzzle launch.
  • Some Blockade puzzles might be secretly launched. Keep an eye out for ‘1347’ tag around content in the future.
The Cyberpunk Future of COIN You Might Want to Sit

Community Built

Blockade encourages community members to build puzzles for each other, and can petition $COIN holders for funds to place towards their rewards. Top puzzle builders can eventually receive kickbacks on their contributions.

  • Require at least $streetscum Discord rank to participate in and claim a prize for
  • Prize amount and launch date is announced 1 week in advance.
  • Prize amounts have 4 tiers based on difficulty and value is determined at the time of puzzle announcement:

EASY — $100 USD worth of $COIN
MEDIUM — $200 USD worth of $COIN
HARD — $400 USD worth of $COIN
INSANE — $600 USD worth of $COIN

Puzzle difficulty is initially selected by the creator, but may be adjusted by BG while play-testing and development is underway.

Puzzle Creators may petition the community to allow for 85% of the funds to build their puzzle to be applied to the prize wallet from the $COIN supply, but must pay 15% of the prize fund when their DAO is submitted for the right to do so. In addition, there are also role requirements that determine the level of puzzle that may be petitioned for:


We have separate puzzle builder ranks on top of coin ranks to make the biggest puzzles. Puzzle rank would be tied to how much you could request from BG to fund a prize then. Puzzle builder rank would be determined by the BG team and based on the users history with the community and puzzle making history and as players build up rep with the community and puzzle building, they can request to move up a rank (this may eventually be automated, see further below). There will also be a cap on the amount of puzzles an individual can make per month based on level, TBD later.

Upon approval of a puzzle creation DAO, funds from the creator and the $COIN fund are deposited in a prize wallet and development can begin.

Development of community based puzzles is subject to periodic testing and audit by Blockade’s puzzle test team. Blockade is committed to quality over quantity and will not release broken puzzles.

Voting on puzzle Quality, and puzzle building incentive

When a community built puzzle is completed (solved), the smart contract also creates a vote to gauge a team of pre-nominated community puzzle raters on its quality. Members of this curated team of 15–20 people can vote on a number of categories to express their satisfaction with the quality of the puzzle. Being a member of the puzzle rating board does not preclude eligibility in solving community puzzles.

Puzzle creators who receive an average of a X (TBD) rating from the puzzle ratings board after having released 3 puzzles will have 100% of their Upfront costs paid up to that point returned to them (in $COIN).

Each subsequent puzzle launched by the creator from then on that results in their average puzzle rating remaining over a X (TBD) will receive a bonus of an additional 10% of their upfront cost for that puzzle paid to them (in $COIN).

There are additional policies to address, and we’ll work to resolve identifiable fringe cases as they arise.

Gitcoin Platform for COIN

One of the longer-term goals of the community is to set up a gitcoin incubator to fund creative and engaging projects. While many of the details are currently under construction, the gitcoin will resemble an ongoing hackathon model where developers will receive rankings depending on their ability to meet milestones and produce successful deliverables. Project proposals will be subject to community review and projects will be initially limited to 2–3 weeks from start to finish. The importance of starting small cannot be understated as one of the major reasons for delayed projects is feature creep — when the requirements for a project increase during development beyond those originally foreseen.

Gitcoin participants who demonstrate merit, will unlock the ability to work on projects that are larger in scope and carry greater bounties. In this way, the gitcoin platform will be self-reinforcing, rewarding those participants who have managed to produce the most valuable output and further loosening their reins thereby freeing them to complete more engaging and interactive experiences for the community.

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