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The People’s Network Enables Important Medical Innovations from Charged Concepts | by Helium | Sep, 2020

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Making the Impossible Possible with a New Wireless Economy Powered by the People.


From the start, Helium’s vision has been to build a decentralized wireless network that just works. So that anyone can utilize our open-source software to build devices that bring connectivity to the masses at affordable prices, along with an entirely new generation of tools and applications that can automate daily tasks, enable important innovations, and so much more.

Without a network like this, IoT developments have many barriers to entry, with some of the most substantial being: access, simplicity, and cost. The only solution we could think of that would bypass centralized control and resources was to put the network in the hands of the people — and with that, The People’s Network was born.

But it’s hard to build anything without incentive. That’s why The People’s Network is powered by an entirely new economic model, made possible by the Helium Blockchain. Now anyone can earn HNT, as a reward for building out wireless infrastructure that benefits not only the builders, but the users of the Network as well. By rewarding individual network operators with HNT, the network has grown at a rate we couldn’t have imagined, connecting more and more devices each day, and making all kinds of new innovations possible — many of them life-changing.

Enabling Non-Invasive Helmet-Based Ventilation during COVID-19, an Alternative to Intubation.

Enabling important innovations that can help people, and even save lives, is one of Helium’s biggest priorities. With the rapid growth of The People’s Network, unique applications like those from Charged Concepts are now closer to becoming a reality.

Charged Concepts is a multidisciplinary research and design firm based in Nashua, NH, with extensive background in the medical field. Their team of engineers, physicians, nurses, industrial designers, and regulatory experts collaborates to pinpoint pressing challenges in the medical field and develop innovative solutions based on their findings.

— Charged Concepts Founder and CEO, Wayne Penn

Since the onset of COVID-19, the team has been working to create a technology suite to integrate with a Non-Invasive (NIV) helmet-based ventilation system powered by The People’s Network to monitor patients. These helmets offer an oxygen-rich environment to COVID-19 patients without the need for sedation and intubation, and aim to help their bodies heal naturally, while simultaneously serving as a small quarantine zone, limiting the spread of the virus.

From the start of this partnership, our teams have worked together on creating prototypes of an end-to-end monitoring and alarm suite that can be retrofitted to the generic NIV helmets from various manufacturers. The system utilizes sensors to monitor flow rates, oxygen levels, pressure, temperature, and carbon dioxide concentrations. The encrypted data from hospitals can be collected, scrubbed of patient-identifying information, passed to healthcare workers by way of The People’s Network, and aggregated to allow others to learn from it.

The medical field relies heavily on sensors and alarms to manage and monitor patient care, thus Helium’s rapid growth can be put to ready use with Charged Concepts’ system, and has shown strong indicators of the rapid deployment and scalability of the technology. LoRaWAN’s low power consumption, low-bandwidth, and long-range communication, coupled with Helium’s end-to-end encryption, make it an ideal solution for Charged Concepts, especially in environments that are notably unfriendly to the transport of information, such as steel and concrete hospitals and rural pop-up hospitals that lack infrastructure. The impact of our collaboration will increase adoption of the NIV technology in both resource-rich and developing countries, creating equity and access to a common standard of care while decreasing the costs associated with treating both COVID-19 and other communicable diseases, making this a truly global health initiative.

Current prototype with dual flow sensors for O2 and Air Mixing, CO2/Temperature/Pressure Sensors, processor, display, and LoRa antenna integrated

You can learn more about the progress of this important solution here, and in the video below, which features Helium’s Developer Growth Lead, Travis Teague.


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