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Crazy8Token adds Verge Currency ($XVG) to their CR8 Wallet | by SwizzleSticks – Lloyd | vergecurrency | Oct, 2020

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SwizzleSticks - Lloyd

It is well known that Gambling, both regulated and non regulated, is a huge industry for transactions. With 2020 almost behind us and 2021 coming into our sites, this move allows Verge Currency to be used as a mainstream gambling on/off ramp. As Verge Currency expands and matures as a project it’s important to embrace a wide range of industries and payment options.

Verge Currency is designed for everyday use so having the coin in the CR8 Wallet means that any Verge ($XVG) holders can exchange them for Crazy8Token ($CR8) in order to gamble online.

Matt Cheetham, Head of Operations at Crazy8Token, said about the new addition:

“Verge has been a coin that we’ve wanted in the CR8 Wallet from the beginning so we’re extremely happy to have it in place so soon after launch. With our unique CR8 Wallet we are bringing crypto to the masses without the headache. The inclusion of Verge perfectly reflects this. Verge is focused on bringing blockchain transactions into everyday life, and that includes gambling and online gaming. It’s a perfect fit” The CR8 Wallet, the all-in-one App that allows buying and selling of theCrazy8Token as well as seamless deposits to a number of casinos, gives the user the most straightforward journey into the world of crypto gambling. George McIntosh, Managing Director of Crazy8Token, added: “We see this as more of a partnership than simply adding a new coin in the CR8 Wallet. Verge and Crazy8Token together immediately creates a wider appeal and a larger potential player base. Crazy8Token allows Verge holders to participate in gambling by bridging the gap to the casino.”

Mark Wittenberg, Business Development / International Partnerships at Verge Currency said:

“Crazy8Token is a brand that’s made huge strides in a very short space of time, and we look forward to opening up the Verge community to one of the largest industries in the world. Online gambling is a 50–60 billion-dollar industry and growing at a rapid pace. Verge Currency is one of the largest and most active communities in cryptocurrency. By allowing our supporters and community access to the gambling world through direct integration of the CR8 Wallet, this creates a perfect synergy. I am very excited for our community and very excited to see Verge Currency enter the next level of transnational use.”

About Verge Currency: A digital currency pushed forward by a team of volunteers, through the use of VergePay; built from the foundation of Bitcoin, Verge promotes ease-of-use, speed and community ownership. In its 5 year lifespan, it has grown to be a global currency which can be used everywhere.

About Crazy8Token: Delivered by a global team of iGaming, blockchain and payment experts, Crazy8Token can help your brand increase traffic, improve retention and gain incremental revenues. Crazy8Token is powered by the CasinoCoin blockchain, the fastest and most scale-able of its kind for the gaming industry — with up to 1,500 transactions per second, and very low fees. One week after launch, the CR8 Wallet already has over 300 active users.

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opibis.cr8.mobile

Website: crazy8token.com

Twitter: @Crazy8Token Telegram: t.me/Crazy8Token

DISCLAIMER: Verge Currency is a decentralized and Open Source blockchain Currency. Third Party wallets are able to Integrate Verge Currency without permission. Verge Currency is not a company. While Verge Currency recognizes integrations into third party wallets and apps, it does not have any control over where a person holds their coins, or what wallet a community member chooses to use. Always do your own research before moving your Verge Currency into a third party application, wallet, exchange, or app. If a community member moves their Verge Currency ($XVG) into a third party wallet, and loses their currency, this is not the responsibility of the currency.

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