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Harmony Integrates and Dedicates Portion of $7M Grants Program For Band Protocol | by Kevin Lu | Band Protocol | Oct, 2020

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Kevin Lu

Harmony, a secure and random state sharding blockchain for scalable decentralized applications, has integrated Band Protocol to provide developers an efficient, cross-chain data oracle that can effectively provide high-frequency updates and connections to any external data source or API. This extends into a strategic partnership where both teams will support Harmony developers utilizing Band Protocol through engineering and a portion of the Harmony $7M Grants program.

Integrating Band Protocol will provide Harmony developers a scalable option to access off-chain data with the highest data availability and optimizations for interacting with such data through custom oracle scripts. Developers choose Harmony to build decentralized applications that require fast finality and low gas costs which can now be secured by Band Protocol to adhere to such criteria.

“We have been very impressed with the Band team, their technology, and their commitment to helping developers and partners. Their emphasis on cross-chain is also very aligned with Harmony’s vision and roadmap. Integrating Band Oracles on Harmony has been surprisingly easy, which is great because it allows us to focus on developer needs instead of spending time and resources on integration. We look forward to continuing this partnership in the future.”
Stephen Tse, CEO & Founder of Harmony

“Band Protocol is proud to integrate with and strategically support Harmony in their mission of creating a scalable and highly secure blockchain for decentralized applications. This integration alongside the grants program for Harmony developers utilizing Band Protocol will pave the way for more reliable and highly secure decentralized applications to come.”
Soravis Srinawakoon, CEO & Co-Founder of Band Protocol

Harmony has solidified its edge as one of the most cutting edge blockchains for security and scalability through sharding by dividing not only the network nodes but also the blockchain state into shards — scaling linearly in all three aspects of machines, transactions, and storage. Furthermore, they have innovated on the battle-tested Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) for fast consensus of block transactions to a Fast BFT (FBFT) which leads to low transaction fees and 1-block-time finality in Harmony Mainnet. To date, the network has produced over 20M+ blocks without any issues.

Example of the Harmony (ONE) price feed created by Band Protocol which will be released to the public alongside a multitude of other financial feeds very soon.

We invite small teams and developers everywhere to bring your most creative ideas, apply for a grant, and build an app on Harmony utilizing Band Protocol. There are so many different applications you could build using the data that Band makes available to layer 1 chains like Harmony. The sky — and your creativity — is the limit!

👉 Apply HERE 👈

Harmony and Band Protocol will continue to work closely to support the developer ecosystems of both projects with a specialized focus on DeFi and cross-border finance. The common goal of this collaboration is to bring scalability with the highest security and reliability to all decentralized applications.

On the topic of developers, a team of Harmony community developers has already begun building applications utilizing Band Protocol for Verifiable Random Function (VRF) and price feeds. This will be one of the pilot integrations for BandChain VRF which is currently a work in progress. We are excited to showcase the application and support the team upon launch which is expected to complete shortly.

For now, we can only share a system diagram for you to examine!

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