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Opportunities that DeXe token provides to its owners | by Dexe.network | Oct, 2020

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We have written a lot about the important role of the token in the advancement of the platform and the ecosystem as a whole, but today we will repeat the principle advantages that the DeXe token endows its holders.

Ability to take part in polls.

Full decentralization of the platform moves all rights under the control of the holders. By giving them the option to participate in voting regarding:

1) The time-frame and adjustment of the percentage of tokens burned

2) The quantity of rewards received for farming (increase or decrease the % of accrual)

3) Burning tokens and gathering awards for farming

4) Systems for insuring user funds by putting tokens on DEX.

All things considered, any user of the platform, a trader or a follower, is keen on taking an active part in voting on each of the above points. Which altogether expands the value of the token.

Funds insurance. Compensation up to 100% of the deposit.

As we have already discovered, DeXe gives each token holder an exceptional chance to insure their assets and, if there should be loss-making copying, receive compensation up to 100% of their initial deposit.

To receive insurance, you have to stake tokens in the measure of 1% to 10% of the total personal balance.

As it said above that decisions on insurance payments are made by voting of DeXe token holders, with the participation of the governance. Thus, every DeXe token holder turns into a fundamental component in building a solid and secure ecosystem.

Increase staking rewards for up to 40%.

Each participant who holds tokens during the sale period receives dynamic Staking rewards. For this situation, there is no compelling reason to lock tokens. At any time, the user can sell them, and afterward, purchase again and keep on stake.

The measure of user rewards relies upon his strategy and the completeness of rounds.

Base staking rewards for participants of the 1st round are 5%, and for 2–22 rounds 2%. If the round is not completed by 100%, for instance by 50%, then the rewards for the 1st round increase to 12.5%, and for 2–22 — up to 5%.

On the off chance that the user at the same time on any of the ensuing rounds, purchases 1% of the tokens from his stake, purchased earlier, at that point his base rewards are doubled (x2 Staking rewards).

The less level of the round completeness, the higher the Staking rewards

As a result, DEXE token holders have the opportunity to receive up to 40% staking rewards.

Increased farming rewards to x13

After the launch of the platform, all DeXe token holders will be eligible to partake in high Farming rewards.

The graduation of expanding rewards for farming depends on the coefficient of “Holding days” and “Farming allocations”

The figuring of the average timeframe begins from the moment of purchase and as long as the tokens are held.

The enrolled number of tokens is divided by the average number of tokens held by the user. As a result, we will get the difference between the final and average balance (from 1% to 75% +), if it exceeds 75%, then the user receives high Farming rewards with the highest coefficient x13 (rewards increase 13 times, exactly like the payment period) …

Note that the user isn’t required to hold the tokens for the entire time (just like the case with staking rewards). He has the option to sell them, and afterward purchase them additionally,, however, this will significantly affect the coefficient of increase in rewards.

All participants wishing to participate in the program must enlist for the high Farming rewards program within 10 days from the launch of the platform. Otherwise, they will only receive basic farming rewards.

As you can see, the DeXe token gives its holders not only rights but also a lot of advantages.

Contact us if you have any questions:

Website: https://dexe.network

Official telegram channel: https://t.me/Dexe_network

Official telegram EN chat: https://t.me/dexe_network_official_chat

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dexe.network

Medium: https://medium.com/dexe-network

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dexe-network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DexeNetwork

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