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Step by step DeXe rewards program | by Dexe.network | Oct, 2020

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We see that many of you couldn’t completely see how the Staking rewards program works and therefore decided to provide a nitty-gritty, bit by bit guidance.

Thanks to DeXe reward programs, the annual return in DeXe tokens can be as high as 14600% of the original purchase amount, thanks to its mathematical and financial model. You can read more about the principles of this system as well as about the program of guaranteeing the safety of funds exchanged for DeXe tokens in this article. (Staking rewards program lasts only 22 sale days, after it Farming rewards program starting).

We should begin with the primary thing. DeXe sale started on September 28, 2020, it consists of 22 rounds. Each round lasts 24 hours. Everyone can take part, there is no min/max of an individual cap. For exchange, you can use ETH, USDT, or USDC.

The largest number of tokens was allocated for the 1st round — 1,000,000 DEXE.

For each subsequent (from 2nd to 22nd) — 190,476 DEXE tokens.

Initial circulation after 22 rounds — from 2,000,000 to 6,000,000 DEXE (relies upon the quantity of tokens that will be sold and burned during the sale)

In the first round, the token price was formed according to the following formula:

The total amount of deposited funds/number of tokens (1,000,000)

Beginning from the second round, the token price is formed according to the next formula (and is fixed toward the finish of the round):

Aggregate sum deposited in assets at the end of the round / (190476 * DeXe price on the decentralized exchange)

Likewise, for the participants of the rounds, a discount is provided for the purchase of tokens (comparative with the cost on the DEX), the value of which relies upon the completeness of the round. Maximum 10% discount for 0% round completeness.

For instance, if the round is 100% complete — 0% discount, if 75% — 2.5% discount, 50% discount — 5%, 25% discount — 7.5% and 0% discount — 10%.

One-Year of Confidence

Participants of the 2–22 rounds may retain a refund of 80% (a refund pool to be formed) from its initial depositing for Rounds 2–22 in return for DEXE tokens during the asset swap.

This program will be available 12 months after the completion of the DeXe token sale.

This means that participants of the token sale can continue to stake their DEXE tokens and be able to participate in the refund of their initial distribution in exchange for the DEXE tokens.

You can find detailed information on its terms and conditions by link.

Now let’s get back to the Staking rewards program and answer the most frequently asked questions step by step.

First step. Where to purchase DEXE tokens?

  • Go to the Dexe Network website and, following the instructions, connect your Metamask wallet (if you have already done this, then skip this step).

Important: There is also a second option, purchase tokens on Uniswap using the link and then enter the Dexe Network website and claim them.

Second step. What assets would it be a good idea for me to decide for exchange?

  • You can use ETH, USDT, or USDC for the exchange.

Significant: — you have to have a specific amount of ETH on your wallet to cover the transaction fee.

– when using USDC for an exchange, you will have to make 2 transactions (confirmation and exchange)

3rd step. How to start staking DEXE tokens?

  • Simply keep the tokens on your balance (DeXe smart contract), there is no need to lock or claim them.

Important: staking rewards will be awarded regardless of whether you have claimed tokens or not.

4th step. How do I calculate the number of rewards?

  • On the Explorer page, you can see the number of your daily awards under “Your daily APY”.

Yet, for each and every individual who needs to check, there are equations.

Important: Staking rewards are dynamic and their value depends on the completeness of the round.

When a round is 100% completed, participants of the 1st round will receive a minimum base reward of 5%, and participants of the 2nd to 22nd rounds — 2%.

The completeness of the round is determined as a percentage from 0% to 100%. The less funds are collected in the round, the more Staking rewards the participants will receive.

Significant: you can see the % of completeness on the Explorer page in the “Round complete” section, and then the calculation is made according to the formula:

For the participants of the 1st round: (-0.15 *% of the completeness of the round + 20.02), where -0.15 and 20.02 are given constants.

For participants of 2–22 rounds: (-0.06 *% of the completeness of the round +8), by analogy, just substitute the % of the completeness and you’re done.

Calculating of dynamic staking rewards depending on the degree of a level completing with investments

5th step. How do I get doubled Staking rewards?

  • To get х2 Staking rewards, you have to purchase extra tokens in the following round for 1% of your total token balance (excluding tokens from the rewards already received). On the Explorer page, this data is in the “for double rewards purchase” column.

Important: by purchasing 1% of tokens, you will receive double rewards in only one previous round. If you want to receive х2 Staking rewards throughout the entire sale, then you need to buy 1% of tokens in addition at each round.

We count by the formula:

Total number of tokens on the balance / 100

The number of doubled rewards is calculated using the formula:

For the first round: (-0.15 *% of the completeness of the round +20.02) * 2

For participants 2–22 rounds: (-0.06 *% of the completeness of the round +8) * 2

Important: you are not doubling the previous rate of return! If you do not participate at => 1%, you get the base reward for a particular round, if you participate at => 1%, you get it double. The scheme is the same for each round.

Sixth step. Where would I be able to see the tokens gotten as Staking rewards?

  • At the end of the round, you will see the balance of tokens received for staking in the column:

“Volume locked balance” — locked token balance

“Wallet unlocked balance” — unlocked token balance

Significant: Tokens have been vesting for a year. You can calculate the phased daily unlock using the following formula:

Number of rewards received / for 365 days = number of tokens unlocked per day


Number of rewards received / for 365 days / 24 = number of unlocked tokens per hour

Seventh step. How to unlock part of tokens with a fast rise in price?

  • Despite 12 months vesting, unlock frequently staking rewards tokens are possible with a commission (Bridge fee), with a significant increase in the price of the token.

Unlocking stages:

If DEXE token price goes x7 from the average DEX price for 2–10 rounds — participants will be able to unlock 10% of their Staking rewards with a 14 % fee.

If DEXE token price goes x10 from the average DEX price for 2–10 rounds — participants will be able to unlock 15% of their Staking rewards with a 20 % fee.

If DEXE token price goes x15 from the average DEX price for 2–10 rounds — participants will be able to unlock 20% of their Staking rewards with a 30 % fee.

If DEXE token price goes x20 from the average DEX price for 2–10 rounds — participants will be able to unlock 30% of their Staking rewards with a 40 % fee.

The Bridge fee will be completely burned.

If the price reaches each of the milestones (x7, x10, x15, x20), each participant will be able to unlock the part of his tokens four times, according to the terms of the program. If there will be a sudden jump in the price of the token to x20, then all 4 unlock options will be available for the participants.

If you have any questions, please contact us in the Telegram chat.

Stay tuned for updates:

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Official telegram EN chat:https://t.me/dexe_network_official_chat

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