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Government sandboxes, test beds and crypto compromises, Oct. 16-23

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Government sandboxes test beds and crypto compromises Oct 16 23

A line from immortal comic strip Calvin & Hobbes goes “a good compromise leaves everybody mad.” When it comes to laws governing crypto, authorities are usually asking for pretty major compromises because they are, at their very best-intentioned, trying to work things out. While it’s a fast-developing area of law — honestly a treat to cover — that means it’s fast-developing relative to law, not tech.

There is an innate conservatism to anything having to do with how people handle their money. That extends to laws governing how money and investments function. Consequently, everything regulators touch in crypto develops slower than the industry would necessarily like.

It is, however, not an unreasonable instinct that regulators are resolute in setting up controlled ecosystems and sandboxes for all developments before releasing them into the wild. But restricting crypto’s technological capacities requires some compromises. The major news from this week has seen that dynamic play out worldwide, as everything because a test case.