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Welcome to Block 21!. Fall has been a busy season for the… | by Emily Murray | Nov, 2020

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Emily Murray

Fall has been a busy season for the Helium team and The People’s Network! Don’t miss the exciting highlights featured in this edition of the newsletter, including:

🌎 Over 12K Hotspots Live on The People’s Network

🚀 Sold Out of Helium Hotspots in North America & Europe

📦 RAK Hotspot Miners Available in North America, Europe, China, & Asia

🙌 New Users OPEN, NOWI, Charged Concepts, & CareBand

🛒 myDevices Marketplace Featuring 400+ Plug & Play Applications

📱Mobile App Updates & Console Appreciation Month

🗺 Coverage Mapping Fleet & Cargo Open Sourced

🗓 The Uplink, Helium Community Call, & Happy Hours

👕 Helium Merch Store Open for Business

…and more! Read on for the latest news and updates.

Over 12K Hotspots Now Live on The People’s Network!

There are officially over 12,400 Hotspots live on The People’s Network! This is an incredible milestone, and we’re looking forward to watching this number grow in the thousands as RAK Hotspot Miners continue to ship throughout the world. Keep an eye on the Network here.

RAK Hotspot Miners Available in North America, Europe, China, & Asia

We sold out of Helium Hotspots since our last newsletter, but we’re excited that third parties have started producing their own. The RAK Hotspot Miner, developed in partnership with RAKwireless and Cal-Chip Connected Devices, is the first third-party device that is LongFi compatible, providing wireless coverage and the ability to mine HNT on the Helium Blockchain, just as Helium Hotspots do.

The best part? It’s only $249 and is now available for purchase in North America, Europe, China, and Asia. So, what are you waiting for? Get your RAK Hotspot Miner today!

Buy a RAK Hotspot Miner

New Mobile App Features 📱

A new and improved version of the Helium App is now available for iOS and Android. Updates and features include: the ability to onboard RAK Hotspot Miners, see your Hotspot’s witness activity, a new security PIN to send payments, and additional security features for Android users. Please make sure to update your app today, especially if you are on Android.

Want to have a say in the next evolution of the Helium App? Provide feedback by participating in a quick survey.

Console Appreciation Month 🙏

We’re running a special promotion for new and existing Console users! Every week until December 4th, we’ll choose 10 active Console users to receive free Data Credits, Helium merch, and other surprises. Learn more here.

Cargo Open Sourced 🛴

Cargo is now open sourced, allowing anyone to build their own visualization dashboard and start tracking assets in real time. Try out Cargo here and check out the open source code here.

Coverage Mapping Fleet 🗺

A fleet of community mappers recently emerged to test The People’s Network coverage. The Mappers API is also now open sourced, which means anyone with a LoRaWAN GPS device can join the program and start mapping their city. Check out coverage mapping progress here and the Mappers API here.

Welcoming New Users to The People’s Network!

Over the past few weeks, a number of new users have selected The People’s Network to solve important real-world problems. From life-saving COVID-19 medical innovations to educational programs that teach sustainable agriculture at schools across the world, read up on our latest announcements to learn why these users selected The People’s Network and how they are driving high usage.

  • OPEN Selects The People’s Network to Launch Global IoT Education Initiative at 40+ Schools. Read More.
  • NOWI is Using The People’s Network to Stop Leaks and Water Waste. Read More.
  • myDevices and Helium Bring 400+ Plug & Play Applications to The People’s Network. Read More.
  • The People’s Network Enables Important Medical Innovations from Charged Concepts. Read More.
  • Helium and CareBand Make COVID-19 Contact Tracing Affordable. Read More.

Join the Conversation on HNT Max Supply

The most common question when new members join the Helium community is, “what is the max supply of HNT?” To address feedback from the community, a new Helium Improvement Proposal, HIP 20, was posted to GitHub, to propose 2-year halvings in net HNT emissions. Due to the importance of this HIP, a Helium Community Call has been organized by DeWi this Wednesday, November 18th at 9am PT.

We encourage all community members to join the conversation and learn more about its potential impacts. Find details on the upcoming call here.

Fall 2020 Multicoin Summit

During the Fall 2020 Multicoin Summit, Helium COO Frank Mong sat down to discuss how The People’s Network utilizes crypto infrastructure to launch new businesses that weren’t previously possible. Watch here.

The Hotspot Podcast

In a new episode of The Hotspot, Arman talks HNT Tokenomics and HIP 20 with James Fayal and Tushar Jain. Tune in here.

Micromobility Industries Podcast

Helium CEO Amir Haleem chats with Oliver Bruce on how The People’s Network will unlock the full potential of micromobility in their latest podcast. Listen here.

Helium Hacks Happy Hour

Another week, another Helium Hacks Happy Hour 🍻! If you haven’t stopped by yet, this is a great opportunity to meet our developer community, see what others are building on The People’s Network, and win free hardware. Every Wednesday at 3pm PT. Register here.

The Uplink with OPEN

Our next episode of The Uplink is around the corner! Learn why OPEN selected The People’s Network to launch its IoT education initiative at 40+ schools around the world on Tuesday, December 1st at 2pm PT. Register here.

The Helium Merch Store is Open for Business

Shop Merch.

IoT Network Companies Have Cracked Their Chicken-and-Egg Problem by Stacey on IoT

Read the Article.

Helium State Channels Explained

Read the Blog.

Getting WisBlock by RAKwireless Up and Running

Read the Blog.


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