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20 useful browser extensions for developers | by Constantin | Nov, 2020

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On Chrome, Firefox, Opera and/or Brave

“For whom is this list intended?” We started this exercise with this question in mind. The answer we stumble upon at some point = “it’s all relative”! 💡

Based on Stack Overflow’s latest Survey, it’s more than clear that there’s a wide range of experience among people calling themselves ‘developers’. Looking at the survey, roughly 40% of ‘professional developers’ learned their first programming language less than 10 years ago. And as highlighted by Stack Overflow, the rest incorporates ‘seasoned developers; who learned to code more than 30 years ago (15%), but also those who learned how to code less than five years ago (17%).

In other words, depending on your experience, age, personal opinion on dev tools, etc. this list might be interesting, and even useful. These are 20 of the best browser extensions for devs! 😁

Disclaimer: a big thanks goes to our dev teammates for sharing some of their secret tools with us (e.g. Octotree.. 🤫)!

This extension will add a toolbar button to your browser and include various web dev tools. You’ll find a lot of different choices under each of the proposed categories: CSS, Cookies, Forms, Outline, Informations, etc. Note. Over 1 million users.

Also available on Mozilla and Opera.

A handy tool for your cross-browser compatibility testing. You no longer have to type in lengthy URLs as it automatically pulls the URL across different desktop and mobile browsers. You can test it at any stage — be it integration, staging, or prod environment. It is indeed one of the best extensions out there with an easy to use UI!

This one will help you to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the devs universe! Note. Might be a galaxy, I’m not sure..

Also available on Mozilla.

You’re probably constantly working with JSON, and it can be a pain to view and format the JSON. This extension here will show the response JSON in a proper format. It covers everything you need to read JSON docs: coloring the code, the possibility of navigating through the nodes, opening and closing them, working with paths and values.

Also available on Mozilla.

This extension provides very useful information like the size of each file, download link, and it also helps to copy the file contents directly to the clipboard.

If you are using redux, you must use this one.. a cool way for debugging! Note. It also seems to be an open-source project. +1

Note. Only available on Firefox!

For those of you that will need to frequently clear their browser cache.. this extension is one of the best extensions for doing this in a single click. Note. You can customize the amount of data to clear in the options tab.

Great to use as a quick and easy resource that could help you avoid inspecting objects. This extension will show you a floating panel depending on what your mouse pointing at — info include font, text, color, background, box, positioning, and effects attributes.

Have you ever visited a webpage and simply loved the color palette? Well, Site Palette will help you see why you fell in live! With this extension, you can easily get the color palette of a page in seconds. This is definitely one of the most useful and helpful extensions for both designers and devs.

You can check ColorZilla if you’re using Mozilla.

This extension lets you explore the files and folders of a repository with a tree view of the repo in a collapsible sidebar. This brings your GitHub experience to the next level. Someone, please come up with a petition for this to be a standard feature on GitHub! 😉

Also available on Opera.

This nifty extension will help you manage your multitasking browsing sessions. If you want to save entire Chrome sessions and recover them later, this is might be your next favorite tool.


This extension helps you identify the technologies used to build the website you’re looking at. It’ll give you info about the programming languages, analytics, marketing tools, payment processors, CRM, CDN, etc. Note. Pretty simple to use…

Also available on Mozilla.

Convenient, fast, and easy solution for those who need a free cookie manager. It is a simple and brilliant way to get rid of pesky cookies, sites, etc.

Also available on Opera.

Imagine you’re doing a Google search and the answer, the exact answer you were looking for, is just there, no searching around, it’s just there. Well, this extension is helping achieving this dream of ours. Note. +2

Also available on Mozilla.

Use this one to segregate various accounts based on their “nature”. A good extension to have when you want to enhance your privacy and experience during dev testing. Note. Of course it’s on Mozilla and Firefox!!

Note. Only on Firefox.

This (pretty know) extension lets you add links to Notion’s databases directly from your web browser. Easy peasy.. lemon squeezy. Note. This will free yourself from hunting through your bookmarks.

Also available on Mozilla.

A must-have. This add-on will help you detect threats like beacons, behavioral data providers, block scripts, and more. No more inappropriate ads for you!

Also available on Mozilla and Opera!

This plugin allows you to send cross-domain requests directly from the browser without receiving Cross-origin Errors! Note. I must confess.. I didn’t try this one yet.

Also available on Mozilla.

This is an open-source tool created by Google Developers. It’s used as a baseline by a good number of front-end developers to assess various performance metrics of web pages. This add-on can help in improving the quality of your website by running a number of tests called “audits” under simulated conditions. (e.g. how will a webpage perform on a laptop with a slow internet connection, etc.)

Also available on Mozilla.

Used it a couple of times when writing articles that needed to include some code snippets. Ads you have probably guessed, this small extension will allow you to take code snapshots with one click.

While building our main product which is focused on monitoring various engineering metrics — for Engineering Managers, Developer Experience teams — we’ve built a complementary free browser extension that can be used to inspect Git repo on GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

On Chrome or Opera.

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