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Bounties for our BarnBridge Bounty Hunters | by Mark Ward | BarnBridge | Nov, 2020

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Mark Ward

We are launching bounty programs to help tackle various things in the BarnBridge ecosystem that we need support for. More importantly, we are opening up a pathway for the community who is governing the BarnBridge DAO to get involved in helping on things.

Bounties are a way for the community to actually help build and support the project. When we say we are community built, we want to mean that. We want to offer incentives for Devs & community members who are interested to be involved with the project.

To start, we will be offering bounties for things such as taking call notes for project calls, Spanish & Japanese whitepaper and site translations, BitcoinTalk Forum Posts, etc..

Keep an eye out for our upcoming bounties.

We are still exploring how we will approach Bug Bounties as a team. We are also open to ideas the community has on bounties we can create.

Please follow us on Github at & on Gitcoin.

Bounty funds have not been firmly determined yet but we will most likely be using DAI, ETH and BOND as bounty rewards.

We already have one bounty posted for Project Call 006 Notes for 100 DAI that you can view here.

Disclaimer: Bounties by BarnBridge will only be posted by people of the BarnBridge Github Team found here.

We are not affiliated with bounties outside of this but we expect bounties to appear that the community will create.

Fantastic12 is a Discord bot that creates teams within Discord channels, so that you & your team can work together in real time to complete bounties.

The terms and conditions such as payouts are determined by the teams through voting and governance are then distributed to connected ETH addresses of the team members. When the team completes the bounty you can pay out from Discord. F12 is a way to create a “mini DAO” inside of Discord.

The bot is already installed on BarnBridge Discord and we are ready for you and your teams to start taking down bounties.

If you would like to Download the bot for your own server you can follow the steps at https://f12.network/. Remember when starting a new squad you will want to start your own channel (in Discord).

You can not have multiple squads in one channel.

You can read our article on our integration with F12 to our Discord here.

Memes — $100

One fun thing we would like to host is bounty rewards for our meme competitions. We have been rewarding NFTs through our discord meme page but it would be fun to bring meming to GitHub and Gitcoin & reward an NFT or currency like ETH or BOND to the winner to make things interesting.

BitcoinTalk Post — ?*

We would like it if someone could post a BitcoinTalk Post about Barnbridge because we don’t have the ability to do so.

*Need community input for how much we should be rewarding for this.

Translations — $400

We are looking for Translators for Spanish and Japanese so we create versions of the websites and white paper in those languages. These will be obviously lengthy and technical pieces but we will need these to be extremely accurate.

Project Call Notes — $50

We will continue to hold Project Call note taker bounties for our weekly Project Calls. So please look out for those if you are interested & apply. We will be reviewing all applications.

Dune Analytics Dashboards — $1000

We’ll retroactively be rewarding 0xBoxer through our Discord for setting up Dune Analytics dashboards and publishing it to Dune Analytics Github so we end up on the front page.

Bug Code Bounties — TBD

The team is undecided yet on what type of bug/code bounties we will be releasing but eventually we would like the community to start BUIDLing with us.

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