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Fantastic12 and BarnBridge. We are introducing Fantastic12 Team Bot… | by Mark Ward | BarnBridge | Nov, 2020

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Mark Ward


We are introducing Fantastic12 Team Bot to the Barnbridge Discord server so that teams can tackle bounties in our Discord server. We are not affiliated with F12 but we think they have an awesome tool that is great for DeFi and Gitcoin. So to give you a run down of F12, it is a bot that allows you to create squads of devs or team members to work together in a Discord server and get paid for bounties from Gitcoin through Discord as well. It essentially allows you to create a small DAO in your channel and you and your squad can get paid, and vote on parameters that the team can agree on. Your team squad members register themselves with their Ethereum wallet address and this will be how they get paid for the team’s work.

Say I have a squad of 3 devs we can start a squad and then split our payments 33% each. So when our squad completes a bounty we then can distribute payment from the bot in Discord with the proper commands. The team will then receive the rewards to their connected Ethereum wallet addresses.

The F12 bot is a little tricky but once you start using it, you quickly get the hang of it. We have already downloaded the bot to our server but you can download the bot to your own server if you feel necessary to do so. The F12 bot will automatically give you a list of commands on how to use the bot in fantastic12-get-started channel.

How To Start a Squad

The F12 bot will automatically give you a list of commands on how to use the bot in fantastic12-get-started. It is a lot of commands and sorta overwhelming so we wrote this to help you out.

First, if you would like to start a squad on BarnBridge server please reach out to a BarnBridge Knight in Discord so that they may start a channel for you to start your squad. If you would like to start a squad on your own server you will first need to download the bot and then start a channel to create your squad. I would recommend that you only use squad channels for building parameters and rules. Then, you can have a Discord channel designated for working together on bounties to avoid the clutter in the main threads.

Now it is time to start your squad, according to the fantastic12-get-started channel:

Note: It’s probably easiest to set parameters before you add a members to the squad because it will require less voting to make changes. Then, you can revote to change things when new members join.

Adding Squad Members

Adding squad members is actually not so difficult and the F12 bot lays it out great in the fantastic12-get-started channel. Its states to add team members you must:

How to select a Bounty for your Squad

How to Pay Out your Squad

The most important part of all of this is the ability to pay out your squad for their work in Discord. F12 gives you the ability to set all the rules and payout structure prior to taking on bounties but when it comes to paying the team this how you would do it.

We hope this guide will aid you in starting your F12 team and we thank the F12 team for building such an awesome bot for BarnBridge to implement to truly be a community driven project.

Haven’t joined our Discord server yet ? Click here to get started and join the conversation!

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