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ICF Update — Jan 28th. Cosmos Hub Upgrade DELAYED until Feb… | by Interchain Foundation | Jan, 2021

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Cosmos Hub Upgrade DELAYED until Feb 18; CTM Music Festival launches Cosmos SDK Chains; Bianjie builds CosmWasm VSCode Extension; Sean King joins Interchain GmbH; Account Coordinator: A Proposal for the Future of Wallets; Video: Agoric and MetaMask on Securing Web3; Chain Registry Working Group Kick Off; Informal Systems’ Cross Chain Validation Draft Spec;

Interchain Foundation

Welcome to the tenth edition of our bi-weekly update! We’ll be using this space to highlight some of the exciting activities that took place at the Interchain Foundation over the last two weeks. This includes some check-in meetings that occurred with various funding recipients, as well as goings-on that members of the Interchain ecosystem might find interesting and informative.

If any of the updates are especially relevant to what you are working on, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

If you’re interested in applying for funding, take a look at our process, our request for proposals and submit at apply.interchain.io by February 14th for consideration in Q1 of 2021.

If you missed the last update, check it out at ICF Update — Jan 14th.

Tendermint Inc. engineer, Tobias Schwarz, discovered a bug in the migration instructions for the Cosmos Hub upgrade which required a change to the commit hash that was included as part of prop 35, the upgrade proposal. This resulted in a new prop 36 proposal to postpone prop 35. Now a new prop 37 has come out that includes the new commit for the hub upgrade. In order to accommodate validators who would otherwise be celebrating Chinese New Year, the date of February 18th has been chosen as the new hub upgrade date. Since the deadline was extended, engineers were able to include a couple extra features that will make life easier for wallets and exchanges to use IBC on day one. These updates result in breaking changes to v0.40 so the new Stargate release number is v0.41. This has also resulted in a new release of Gaia, v0.4.0. Learn more about the new releases can be found here.

Eventivize, a platform developed by ApeUnit with support from Interchain Foundation and Club Transmediale (CTM) is being used this month as part of the CTM music festival. This year the festival is completely online so acts as a great testing ground for new experiments that enable artists and fans to interact and find more equitable distribution methods for funding. The tool provides users with “drops” that they can send to artists while performing or send to a community pool for all artists participating. These drops are redeemed at the end of the festival for fiat in order to supplement the artist fees. It gives fans a more direct way to support the artists they love in real time and uses the Cosmos SDK as the underlying structure. Read more on their blog post here and check out the infrastructure they built to enable this unique use of the Cosmos SDK.

As part of their nearly complete work towards enabling Cosmos SDK to be compliant with BSN’s OPB network, Bianjie has built a CosmWasm VSCode Extension. It was designed to help you in generating templates, compiling and deploying CosmWasm smart contracts.

The Grants and Dev Rels team at Interchain GmbH are excited to welcome Sean King to our team. Sean comes to us from the Ethereum DeFi world working at BrickBlock. He’s a jack of all trades who will be supporting many endeavors within the team but will be especially engineering focused with an eye towards Interchain Accounts.

Interchain Foundation Grants Manager, Billy Rennekamp, published an article on the future of wallets for an Internet of Blockchains. It makes a case for separating the concerns of a wallet so that the discreet duties can be adequately addressed as they will each become more difficult to maintain as a single product with the addition of many new networks and a compounding number of keys to go along with them.

Join Mark S. Miller (Chief Scientist at Agoric) and Dan Finlay (Lead Developer at MetaMask) in a conversation about securing Web3 infrastructure. The two will discuss the role of Agoric’s SES (Secure EcmaScript) technology in the MetaMask wallet and how it lays the groundwork for the extensible internet in a capability-first security architecture. Watch the video here.

This week was the first Chain Registry Working Group run by Denis Fadeev from Tendermint Inc. The call was a spin off of the UX Working Group that began to address the issue of discoverability and verification of IBC assets. The main conclusion was the need for a registry to exist where chain-ids can be name-spaced and metadata related to seed nodes, genesis files, and light client check points can be stored. In parallel is work on a similar registry for github to test the needs from a client side, as well as work on a node crawler as part of Atlas. Both of these will inform the work on the chain registry which will be the decentralized combination of the two.

Informal Systems posted a draft for an initial spec of cross chain validation. This type of IBC message will eventually allow the staking token of one chain to be used to validate on another chain. The primary user of such a capability will be the Cosmos Hub and the ATOM token. This will allow the hub to secure any number of blockchains with any number of capabilities. It enables shared security for zones who would rather not build an autonomous validator set to secure their chain and for the features of the Cosmos Hub itself to be distributed across multiple blockchains, allowing scalability, application specific features and a separation of concerns and fail safes.

Read the original article here

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