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We’re “Drop-ing” Eventivize: CTM 2021 | by Ape Unit | Jan, 2021

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Eventivize is powered by a Cosmos SDK enabled blockchain — exploring new feedback, monetization, and interaction mechanisms for live events.

Remember when you watched your child take their first steps — how proud you were? Neither can I because I’m only 24 years old and don’t have children yet.

However, I can imagine what that feels like because our project, Eventivize, has taken three big steps! We’ve deployed the Eventivize Drop App at three separate events since October: Massv Halloween Weekend, Azimuth Voyage, and Zero Point One’s New Years Celebration. A few days ago, we deployed our Drop App for CTM Festival 2021 — Transformation!

The Eventivize Drop App is powered by a Cosmos SDK enabled blockchain and allows audiences to interact with and show their appreciation to performing artists at live events via emojis and a ◊Drop (token) system. Following registration at an event, users receive a predetermined number of ◊Drops that they are free to send to participating artists of their choice. All artists are then proportionally rewarded based on how many Drops they receive. During our tests, we were successful at helping audiences raise their voices and reward performers who stood out.

Massv Halloween Weekend by Tekno OldSkoolers went off without a hitch. Massv began in 1999 as a small rave in Maracaibo, Venezuela. During the following 11 consecutive years, it became the most important underground music event in the city. This past October, TeKno OldSchoolers and CTM Festival honored this event by hosting a unique live stream weekend — Massv Halloween 2020 — where both veteran and new artists performed. We used this weekend event to test the Eventivize app and explain the vision and function behind it.

Designed by @djmelej

During Massv we focused on testing the app’s engagement and we’re pleased with the results: We had over 300 app users during the live stream weekend. 96% of users fully registered in the app, 87% of users sent drops during the event, and 65% of users sent all of their Drops! Not bad, but we’re still learning and improving every day!

If you want to watch this event, you can find the recorded streams here!

At our second test event, AZIMUTH, we ran the Drop App on the blockchain for the first time. AZIMUTH by Space Cooperative Inc. was an exclusive virtual event on 20–21 December 2020 that explored art, music, new economics, spaceflight, planetary health, and the metaverse. The nearly 24-hour virtual event featured speakers, panelists, performances, a digital art gallery, and native cryptocurrency integration using Eventivize.

Attendees enjoyed a fully-immersive event spearheaded by experts in ecological living, aerospace engineering, space law, cryptocurrency, legal innovation, inner space, and rational thinking. AZIMUTH brought together artists, thinkers, and builders for a mental expedition across humanity’s relationship with technology and capital.

In our final test over New Year’s Eve, Zero Point One presented by Third Nature Studios, we tested new features and registration methods. We tested SMS verification, parachute Drop top-ups, and we gathered valued feedback from the event’s attendees.

While running these tests, we received a lot of feedback on social media and Twitch. Users reported that they enjoyed being directly connected to the artists and showing their support in a new way. The resounding theme of their feedback was positive: that Eventivize made the online stream more playful and interactive. This suggested that we should continue looking for ways to increase the interactive features.

After getting a few test-runs under our belt, we prepared for CTM 2021 Festival by making some tweaks, listening to suggestions, and answering product requests. We integrated many new ideas into the app and we’re excited for everyone to use it during the CTM 2021 Festival music program that is ongoing until January 31st.

The CTM Drop App is an exploration of alternative ways to value and monetize online music performance and art, and aims to offer the public different ways to financially support artists. We invite everyone interested to try it out, and get in touch if you wish to contribute in some way.

Try out the CTM Drop App here!

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