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Introducing Project Surge. A community-directed initiative to grow… | by Brian Curran | Terra Money | Feb, 2021

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Brian Curran

A community-directed initiative to grow the Terra ecosystem.

A primary objective of Terraform Labs is to make our stablecoins as useful and widely distributed as possible. To that end, we’d like to announce a new community initiative:

🌊 Project Surge 🌊.

At a high level, Project Surge is a community program to incentivize our community’s active participation in the growth of the Terra ecosystem — beyond conventional community activities. Project Surge operates as a direct extension of Terra’s objective to integrate its assets (UST, LUNA, mAssets, MIR) into various blockchains and DeFi applications.

But with the industry moving so rapidly, restricting growth tactics explicitly to the Terra team does not scale adequately. Enter you — the ambitious community.

Project Surge provides rewards for community members to initiate, engage, and execute integrations of Terra assets into DeFi protocols on different blockchains. Whether that entails leveraging past relationships with projects, crafting governance proposals, or facilitating technical discussions about Terra assets, the choice is yours.

Terra can only make payments, investing, and savings simpler with the support of our thriving community. The details of Project Surge are below, and we encourage you to reach out with your suggestions about how we can improve a community-directed branch of Terra’s DeFi expansion.

  1. We would like to get TerraUSD into every DeFi protocol possible on every blockchain we currently support (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more).
  2. There is a long tail of medium-sized sized projects (10–100M TVL) that the Terraform Labs team doesn’t have the bandwidth to engage effectively.
  3. Terraform Labs will be providing incentives to community members who help integrate TerraUSD into new DeFi protocols via an end-to-end process. This includes (but is not limited to), making governance proposals, driving integrations, and overseeing the launch. We’re already in conversations with the teams of projects with $100M+ in TVL, and Project Surge serves as a valuable community-branch of Terra’s ecosystem development.
  4. Incentives provided will be proportional to the TVL of protocols.
  5. $300 for every $10M in TVL, capped at $3,000 per project.
  1. Identify a project you want to engage with.
  2. Get involved in the project’s Telegram, Discord, community, and learn about the project and any formal listing/partnership processes. Some projects follow strict governance processes for new partnership integrations and creating proposals.
  3. Put forth a proposal whereby Terra assets (stablecoins, mirrored assets, LUNA) are incorporated into the project.
  4. Once the details are finalized, feel free to reach out to our team regarding marketing efforts, announcements, etc.
  1. The project has over $10M TVL.
  2. The project is not one we are already engaged with. If you’d like to confirm before engaging, feel free to contact our team on TG or Discord.
  3. End to end completion (first contact through implementation).
  4. Once you’ve completed, we’ll confirm with the partner team the individual(s) involvement in making the partnership happen.
  5. In the instance there are multiple community members involved, incentives will be dispersed across members accordingly.

Projects that benefit from listing our assets (UST, LUNA, MIR, mAssets) are primary candidates. Examples include AMMs, lending protocols, asset management protocols, yield allocation platforms, and more. Partnerships with other projects that you are already a supporter of could be a good place to start!

As a LUNA community member and token holder, increasing the adoption of Terra assets will ultimately increase the price of LUNA. We’re also providing $300 in incentives for every $10M in TVL, capped at $3,000. You can even learn more about DeFi, honing valuable skills and connections to work as a full-time professional in one of the most cutting-edge industries.

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