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Stofl Selects The People’s Network to Connect the Unconnected | by Helium | Feb, 2021

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Say hello to Stofl 👋 — the newest user of The People’s Network!

Today we’re excited to share that Stofl has selected The People’s Network to not only help expand wireless coverage throughout Europe, but also grow the Helium ecosystem by facilitating the development and adoption of compatible LoRa technology.

Stofl’s team is made up of successful entrepreneurs who believe that all industrial sectors will need to undergo significant changes and modernizations over the coming years. The company was formed with the intent of providing a launch-pad for IoT innovations to allow for the rapid development of low-power devices, and enabling accelerated growth and modernization in European and global industries.

The team at Stofl works as the bridge between network builders and solution providers, solving the chicken and egg problem when it comes to the adoption of IoT solutions in need of connectivity. By facilitating relationships between all parties, they aim to build a seamless flow of knowledge and successful deployments. Their strategy involves fostering mutually beneficial relationships in order to minimize and mitigate the risk for companies, while offering an exchange of technical know-how and industrial experience.

They’re currently finding their stride with a heavy focus on research and development opportunities in collaboration with academic and industry partners, as well as network deployments, with the goal to find novel ways to connect the unconnected through the Helium ecosystem. They also play a part in funding market launches of new devices and IoT startup companies.

Stofl was immediately intrigued by Helium’s vision of using blockchain-based incentives to build the largest, public LoRaWAN network in the world, leading them to develop projects around a growing and vibrant ecosystem. They have secured a number of ongoing partnerships that are likely to produce solutions within a few months, and intend to keep up that momentum.

One of the use cases includes the first Chain-of-Custody prototype for maritime tracking and asset custody that runs on The People’s Network and has just been finalized by the Stofl team. Stofl plans to roll the device out in collaboration with their industry partners with the aim to have this device run over mobile gateway solutions, which Stofl is currently working on with Imperial College London.

Stofl is also now a stakeholder partner with Cardiff University’s Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Human-Machine Systems.

“The People’s Network is unique due to the application of the blockchain-backed network providing industry with an immutable ledger which enables for chain of custody, providing accurate and unaltered data for asset monitoring and tracking, overcoming a significant hurdle for the industrial IoT sector.”

— Christian Charalambous, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Stofl

In addition, Stofl intends to contribute to the growth of The People’s Network with plans to deploy up to 50 Hotspots this year, including the first Hotspot at Cardiff University in collaboration with the Engineering department.

As many know, one of the more unique aspects of The People’s Network is the consensus protocol, HoneyBadgerBFT. As an ode to the HoneyBadgerBFT protocol, Stofl is working to deploy the Network at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa, where Stoffel the Honey Badger lives (who was the inspiration for their company name). With this Network, they will provide solutions to combat poaching, track wildlife, and improve operational efficiency within the centre.

This is just the beginning for Stofl and we’re excited to see their expansion plans unfold in Europe and beyond. Stay tuned for a special episode of The Uplink later this year to hear about the latest updates from the Stofl team.

Stofl would be excited to engage with anyone in the community interested in collaborating on mutually beneficial partnerships to facilitate vast adoption of The People’s Network and IoT technology through dedicated strategies that solve the real challenges facing the world today. To get in touch, contact [email protected]


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