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0x Community and Governance meeting recap — February 2021 | by Nikita | Feb, 2021

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Every month, the 0x Labs team hosts a live meeting that is open to anyone interested in learning more about the protocol and discussing community initiatives. You can view the upcoming meeting schedule on the Governance and Research forum and previous meeting recordings on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the 🔔 to get notified when new content is uploaded.

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Below are summaries and linked timestamps for the topics covered in this month’s call:

Agenda (Slide 2): List of the topics discussed during the call.

Ecosystem snapshot (Slide 3–4): Statistics on network health from the past 30 days, sourced directly from 0xTracker’s network insights tab. The key takeaway is that all the top-level metrics are positive and rising.

There were several new API integrations in January, including Shapeshift, KeeperDAO, and Set Protocol. Also of note, Matcha did $2b volume in January alone, and over $3b since launch. Subscribe to the monthly 0xTracker newsletter to keep up with all the latest ecosystem news.

Roadmap (Slide 5–6): Quick summary of the current 0x development roadmap, including what has changed since last month. Community member Joao gets a shoutout for starting the revamp of Instant, an off-the-shelf widget for swapping tokens using 0x. Also, recent forum posts and encouragement to contribute to the conversations happening there.

0x v4 vote recap (Slide 7): The v4 upgrade vote received a resounding “yes” and is now in the process of deployment. There is significant volume starting to flow through it. The API will be more fully implemented in the coming weeks. As a reminder, two of the key features of v4 are making RFQ orders even more gas efficient and the ability to upgrade the protocol faster via a modular architecture. In fact, the team is aready preparing for the first post-upgrade upgrade! The details for ZEIP-83 (rfqOrder VIP fallback + batch fill functions) have just been loaded into Github. Read up on it in preparation for the governance vote in early/mid-March.

Governance and the 0x DAO beta (Slides 8–16): This section was the focus of the January call. It starts with referencing the governance roadmap and the milestones associated with progress to date, along with those that are planned for the future.

“As a community we are at an inflection point where the fundamentals are in place for evolution to the next phase, which is moving from an engaged community to a responsible community, on the road to being an accountable community.” — Theo

The mechanism for doing this will be the 0x DAO, which will enable on-chain governance controlled by ZRX token holders. The first step will establish a community-run treasury, which will be seed-funded by 0x Labs and guided by a set of bootstrap delegates. Watch this section of the call to learn more about the process and then review and comment on the plan in the forum. The target launch for the beta (MVP) is early in Q2.

Ecosystem spotlight (Slide 17): Gabriele Rigo of Rigoblock shares his perspectives as an OG ecosystem partner and market maker, along with some details about their Pooliswap platform.

Open discussion (Slide 18): Some discussion around the details and planning for the 0x DAO.

0x ecosystem job opportunities (Slide 19): Quick rundown of open positions with 0x ecosystem teams. Check out the updated list each month in the 0x Tracker newsletter and reach out to Theo or Brent in Discord if you’d like to advertise openings.

How to get involved (Slide 20): There are numerous ways for you to get involved and contribute. Whether you are a developer, an enthusiast, a ZRX token holder, a market maker, or something else, we encourage you to join us on our mission of creating a tokenized world where all value can flow freely.

That’s a wrap — see you next month. Visit the Governance and Research forum to view the upcoming meeting schedule and join us live!

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