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DOUGH Value Accrual: Your Share of The Pies | by Will Brealey | PieDAO | Feb, 2021

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Will Brealey

How will PieDAO members be rewarded?

Introducing DOUGH as a constantly growing value accrual machine.

Yesterday we looked at how DOUGH is your DeFi passport, allowing gas free voting on governance decisions across many DeFi protocols.

DOUGH meta-governance really is game-changing. It’s our ambition that this seamless experience will reduce the friction and costs preventing users from voting in decentralised governance, raising participation across the board.

If you didn’t check it out, make sure to! The first meta-governance vote will be taking place in the near future.

Today we’re examining another core element of the DAO’s governance token DOUGH: value accrual.

Incentivizing a well-oiled decentralized machine.

PieDAO is constantly growing and evolving, with members designing, submitting and delivering proposals for new pies, partnerships, features, and growth strategies on a daily basis.

We are an active community, and it takes the collaborative effort from a large number of global participants to operate a well-oiled decentralized machine.

PieDAO members are motivated by a shared goal and vision for a more inclusive financial future.

But the DAO doesn’t just expect community members to work for free.

The PieDAO community built the DAO and all the pies, from Balanced Crypto Pie to Yearn Finance Ecosystem Pie.

It’s only fair they are rewarded for their hard work.

DOUGH: Work Together, Earn Together

You might have noticed that pies like BCP are Balancer smart pools, earning pie holders significant swap fees. The more volume, the more they earn.

Alongside this earning however, there’s also a small streaming fee that pie holders pay to the DAO. The streaming fee is annualized and barely noticeable for pie holders who benefit from our diversified products and swap fees.

Over the large scale however these streaming fees build up and become substantial.

In the near future it’s our aim that a portion of these fees will be directed to the DOUGH token holders who actively make the DAO possible. A governance proposal outlining the possibilities here is expected to be submitted in the coming weeks.

Whatever the final implementation is, one thing is for sure: DOUGH holders will benefit from the DAO’s success.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

The bigger PieDAO products grow, the larger the earning for DOUGH holders.

That’s right!

PieDAO’s assets under management have been growing exponentially, with over $30m now locked in pies. As this growth continues DOUGH holders benefit more and more.

So there we have it.

DOUGH isn’t just a governance token, it’s not even just a meta-governance token. DOUGH is your piece of the DAO, a soon to be yield-generating stake in a truly decentralized protocol challenging a multi-trillion dollar industry.

We’re incredibly excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our early members who have helped us get to where we are.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the PieDAO Discord today and be an active part of the community that rewards its members.

You can get hold of DOUGH from our Exchange, Uniswap, Sushiswap, MXC, Hoo and from this Thursday, LBank!

The PieDAO is a decentralized organization dedicated to bringing market accessibility and economic empowerment to anyone with an internet connection through Pie Protocol. Anybody in the public community may support these efforts by completing bounties, making feature requests, or proposing new Pies. DOUGH token holders are the DAO’s decision-makers, governing which proposals are accepted. If you want to know more about PieDAO:

👉 PieDAO website
👉 PieDAO on Aragon
👉 Discord
👉 PieDAO Forum
👉 Github

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